LADA Group Squad Goals

What Does ‘Squad Goals’ Mean? ”Squad goals” can be simply the goals of your squad (your friends or your clique), but sometimes that seems to play out in practice as simply “awesome,” as in “This is awesome,” meaning “I or we want this someday,” or “We want to be like this.”

LADA Hydration Program

Things You Should Know About Water The primary benefit of ShopFreeMart’s amazing water is its ability to promote an exceptional level of intracellular hydration. The water’s smaller particle size allows it to more readily enter and exit the cells. Perhaps the most economical health product you can find, 6 drops of Shopfreemart Hydration Drops can … More LADA Hydration Program

LADA Harmony, Unity and Synergy

What is the difference between Harmony, Unity and Synergy?  Harmony is the result of suitable and appropriate parts being combined with one another to produce a pleasant effect. Unity occurs when separate things or people are combined into one cohesive element with a single purpose. Synergy is the working together of two or more separate things to produce a greater effect than the … More LADA Harmony, Unity and Synergy