The Roots Of The Problem In The Black American Community

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The Lack of capital formation in Black America, In the form of:
1. Accumulated Saving
2. Land and Financial Asset Ownership
3. Business Development

The focus of Civil Rights Movement Put Emphasis On:
1. Justice, Jobs and Wages
2. Government Spending
3. Commercial Bank Debt
Ignored the role that Capital formation and Equity Finance could and should have been playing.

Slavery Stripped Black Americans of informal saving traditions that you can find in virtually every other ethnic immigrant group in this country:
1. ‘Partner’ Jamaican culture
2. ‘Gye’ Koreans
3. ‘Committee’ Indians
4. ‘Hui’ Chinese

The Civil Rights Movement did not attend to the matter of Cultural finance

The civil rights movement did not recognize That capital was forming in commercial banking Institutions where it was often locked away from blacks by discriminatory policies.

The movement took this issue on via An assault on redlining But in focusing on debt rather than equity.
It missed a fundamental fact of capitalism – banks say no to ideas and yes to collateral.

Banks are risk- adverse And don’t make loans on the bases of talent but rather on what that talent owns.

With the least amount of capital and collateral, even with the lever of
anti-discrimination laws, The pursuit of debt finance by black American has always produced unsustainable progress.

The Lack of money Effect on The Community
Parenting, Crime, Economics

With the black unemployment rate at the same related level of the 1950s – double that of Whites, Even the effectiveness of a wage and jobs approach to equality must come into question

We must take responsibility for ourselves as a people!

The American black family today: 72% of all black babies are born out of wedlock.
Think about that: it’s a anomaly for black children to to be born to parents who are married.
This is where the overwhelming crime and economics malaise begins, among the 13% of the US population that is Black.

Worst still, there is a direct correlation between kids born out of wedlock and higher rates of crime.

According to a 2010 study in the Journal of Law and Economics, Kids grow into adults who turned to crime precisely because of a lack of educational opportunities, parenting, And Lack of Capital. This is exactly the the pathology being born out in the black race.
Over 50% of homicide victims are black according to a 2014 study conducted by the violence policy center. Which characterize the rate as Epidemic.

According to Justice Department data from 1980 – 2008 Blacks were six times more likely than whites to be homicide victims and seven times more likely than whites to commit homicide. More than half of all federal prisoners are black.

Community Economic Development
It’s not every everyone else’s problem to ensure that black kids go to school stay out of trouble, finish high school and to stop the destruction of the black American family.

We all have a job to do for ourselves, family and community and we can do it together with Power Economics, Leverage and Duplication To create wealth.

We must be the agents of our own faith.
The LADA Group Hedge Fund:

Call: Bryce (619)638-4007/ Larry (619)309-3184

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