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If Nobody Could Stop You…What Is Your Dream?

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Secrets For Success

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Black Spending Power…What We Really Need To Do

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Kingdom Citizen Success – Be Fruitful & Multiply

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Do You Need Some Right Now Money

Do You Need To Earn-Money-Right-Now-

What are you doing or what would you do to make some Right Now Money?

Do you have anything to offer others where they can make some Right Now Money?

If you don’t have your own system of making money then you are a part of somebody else system making them money. Case in Point….If you have a Smartphone that you pay for each month you are a part of their system. Wouldn’t you like to have a lot of people who would pay you daily, weekly and monthly? That would be an asset for a better life.

What’s the difference between Assets and Liabilities?

Assets Pay You and Liabilities causes YOU to PAY. If you need more Assets in your life you need to take at look at the LADA Group. LADA is a private group and you must be invited to be a part of the group. We offer Business Centers with 7 different Pay Levels that pay you.

You PAY $25 One Time out of pocket for our System. Our Systems are all automated. You will get a Free Website with a back office to track your money. Our digital products cover Financial Mystery and Personal Development.

Now let me ask you a couple question?

If I can show you a way to take $25 and make $100 would you be interested?

Would you take $25 out of the $100 you just made and do it again?

Do you know at least Two other people who would want to do the same thing?

If you answered Yes to the above questions you qualify to be a Member of the LADA Group. LADA stands for Leveraging and Duplicating Associates. Here’s how we work. We let our Money work for us.

You must pay yourself first by taking $25 out of your pocket and invest into yourself to purchase our $25 Business Center which is going to pay you $100 over and over. We have 6 other business centers that will pay you out of your profits (OPM) in our automated system.

$25 Business Center pays you $100

$50 Business Center pays you $200

$100 Business Center pays you $400

$200 Business Center pays you $800

$400 Business Center pays you $1600

$800 Business Center pays you $3200

$1600 Business Center pays you $6400

All Business Center will be running at the same time paying you over and over on full automation.

Remember you will only pay $25 one time out of pocket to get started. The rest of the money that you’ll need to get these returns will come from other people. (OPM) Our money working together leveraging and duplicating paying us returns much better than what the banks and stock market would pay you.

There is no power in disconnection. We all need to be connected to our own private system like the banks do which is an Asset that Pays You. Remember the Banks are a private system too owned by the Federal Reserve Bank which is a group of private bankers that get paid every time you put your money in the bank because the money is working for them and not you. This is a Liability you can change using the LADA Group System. How much money is the bank paying You for what you deposit in your Checking and Savings Account?

We use Multiplex System Inc. They have been in business since 1998 with over 600,000 satisfied members. Multiplex has a A+ BBB rating and is debt free…. using digital products.

What are you waiting for? Don’t be poor anymore (Passing Over Opportunities (Regularly.) Here is your Stimulus Bailout Opportunity. We have to connect and pay each other instead of the bankers. Our Money needs to touch 8-12 hands before leaving our system.

Learn more: www.theladagroup.com Contact: Bryce Jackson 619-638-4007 or Larry Smith 619-309-3184

How Symbols Are Used To Control Black People Dr. Umar Johnson

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Black Economics: Intro to Wealth Building

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