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Fundraising 101….

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Who owns Federal Reserve Banks

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10 Powerful Minutes of Knowledge

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Ain’t No Stopping The LADA Group Now

The LADA Group is on the move and it ain’t no stopping them now

See why you can’t stop them now click here

The Change Has Come and Here it is

Here is the Change it has come click here to see

Dr. George C. Fraser discusses Networking, Purpose & Self Development

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How Megachurches Are Spending Their Tithes and Offerings

Leadership Network and Vanderbloemen are releasing what they claim to be “by far the biggest-scale, cross-denominational response anyone has ever collected about church finances.” Specifically, they interviewed 727 megachurches about how they spend their finances, and the report has some interesting findings, all of which are free to download here. Among the findings: A little under half of a church’s annual income typically goes to staff, with senior pastors making at least 30 percent more than the next highest paid staffer. The biggest determiner of pastor salaries, by far, is the size of the church—race, theology and even age of the pastor had no appreciable bearing on on their income.

One interesting, perhaps unexpected finding: one of the biggest determiners of a church’s growth is, increasingly, a children’s pastor. Treat your children’s pastors accordingly …

Read more at http://www.relevantmagazine.com/slices/how-megachurches-are-spending-their-tithes-and-offerings#ECfAUssmut9Q7gxY.99

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