Garden of Eden Cashflow Quadrant

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The Location of the Garden of Eden

The hottest topic regarding the Biblical Garden of Eden is the location of Eden. Two sites provide the most tantalizing evidence, and both are legitimate sites. The first place to start, as always, is in the Bible. Genesis 2:14 gives the location of the Garden of Eden.

“Now a river flowed out of Eden to water the garden; and from there it divided and became four rivers.

Thus the Bible differentiates between the Garden of Eden, and the land of Eden. The garden was merely a part of the whole land of Eden. A river flowed from an unknown source through the land of Eden.

The river flowed out of the land of Eden, into the Garden of Eden, and watered the garden. As the river flowed forth from the Biblical Garden of Eden, it split into four headwaters. These formed the four rivers. The Cashflow quadrant of Multiple Streams of Income. The Rivers produced Electricity in which you can sow into today using Bitcoins learn more in Bitcoin Blockchain Investment Training click here . Bitcoins is nothing but Internet Digital Currency. You can convert your dollars (fiat currency) into bitcoins just like you convert your money when you visit a foreign country like Europe when you convert to Euros and when you come back you convert it back to dollars. Bitcoins the same way you can convert your Bitcoins back to dollars.

Many of us live in more comfort than Adam and Eve probably did in the Garden of Eden. We have both hot and cold running water, right inside of our homes. We have natural gas for heating, a sturdy, insulated dwelling to protect from rain, snow, and wind. We have the marvel of electricity and all the amazing conveniences that come with it. We have instant knowledge from the internet and on-demand entertainment. These comforts are not only expected, they are understood to be a minimum standard of living to be out of the poverty level. That may mean that most of us are living better that Adam and Eve were when they were in the Garden of Eden. What kind of a dwelling did they have? Did they have any of those conveniences?

We are currently in the beginning of hard times that don’t look to improve any time soon. Many of us have indeed lost our jobs, our homes, and suffered severe financial setbacks. Many of us are in poor health and dependent on a very expensive daily dose of medicines and are at the mercy of doctors. Most of us are extremely dependent on others for our welfare, such as truckers, grocers, employers, public utilities, and the government. Sometimes we tend to blame God when we get the natural consequences of our poor choices, and sometimes when it really does appear to be just bad luck. In any case, most of us do not feel like we are in the Garden of Eden, and secretly wish we could be in such a paradise. But would it have been any better than what we have now?

He then explained to his disciples



The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil  or The Tree of Life

If you are working a job only you chose Good and Evil. If you have money working for you that’s the Tree of Life (Generational Wealth)


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