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How To Earn PASSIVELY from Crypto-Currency

CoinMama: Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card

Wealth is Created through Leverage and Duplication like the LADAZARFUND offers

This is what you will earn Passively referring people


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geniushash logoAttention Everybody this is brand New Opportunity. Don’t judge whether or Not you want to be involved according to how long they’ve been in business. Let me ask you a Question? If you were riding down the street and you seen a New Business that just opened and you seen a product that you really need. Would you pass them by because they were new or would you go and Support and get what you need . If you need some money and we all do pay attention and get involved.

Genius Hash Limited proudly presents a safe and lucrative Bitcoin investment platform

Founded in 2016, Genius Hash Limited has quickly established itseAlf as a trusted cryptocurrency investment company, offering a comprehensive set of services for Bitcoin holders to make sound investments and safeguard their financial future. Based in London, Genius Hash Limited has invested in a diversified staff of leading professionals across a broad spectrum of specialties, including engineering, advanced computational technology, and cryptocurrency mining techniques.

There is no restriction policy applied to membership when it comes to citizenship, geographical location our any other outside related factor. Any participant from any part of the world is welcome to join, to benefit from Bitcoin cloud mining services that we provide as well as use our other available services.

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“Genius Hash Limited” is a risk-free online investment platform that has already proven itself time and time again. We have a team of experienced cryptocurrency enthusiasts that makes cryptocurrency mining accessible to everyone. Through the years, we have built solid relationships with our partners all over the globe, which gives us the ability to perform lucrative Bitcoin cloud mining and provide earning opportunities to others.

Investment Brief

We provide investment opportunities to our customers by monetizing the volatility of this marketplace.
We have always found a way to offer more to our clients via the use of automated payment processing and enhanced infrastructure.

Our clients can enjoy their Bitcoin growing each and every hour.
Once you have become an active participant, a hourly interest rate in the range of 0.15% up to 0.20% will be applied to your investment..

Interest is applied to your account 7 days a week.
Once it has been added to your account balance, you can either reinvest it to increase your daily profit, or you can withdraw it, using our automatic withdrawal interface.

The day has finally arrived! Today we are opening our cloud mining services “Genius Hash Ltd” for those who are looking to earn Bitcoins on a daily, even hourly basis. Yes, that’s right, you will be able to generate profit each hour from our lucrative investment portfolio. The main principle is simple – the minimum amount you need to start is just ฿0.001, and you will be awarded 0.15% to 0.20% of your investment amount every hour. Also we won’t hold you back when you will decide to quit; you will be able to receive your Bitcoins (initial deposit) back at any time.

Don’t waste anymore time – put your Bitcoins to work and let them earn for you. All you have to do is open a free account, which won’t take more than a minute of your time, and you could be earning after just 1 hour.

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You’ll need an E-Wallet to Invest with us.

Click on Digital Wallet to Get your Free Coinbase Wallet to Buy and Sell Bitcoins

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