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You Have Residual Bills Why Not Residual Income?

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You Have Residual Bills Why Not Residual Income?
What are Residual bills? –

Go on vacation for a month – Leave your house unattended and unplug all of your electronics, everything that uses power. Don’t use your water, don’t use your garbage service, or sewer. Don’t use your cell phone, your home internet, your home phone service, your xm radio, your vehicle (in the garage)

Since you weren’t using any of those services for that month, Wouldn’t you expect to not have a payment? – You’d be wrong!
You Still Gotta Pay

I bet you still get an Electric bill, Cable bill, Internet bill, phone bill, xm radio bill, mortgage payment, home and vehicle insurance payment, car loan payment, and water, sewage, and trash bill. So you didn’t use any of those things for the month you were gone, but yet… you still paid a bill… That is called RESIDUAL BILLS, we all have them.. As a matter of fact, I have all of those, and did that 3 times this year.

What is Residual Income?
Residual income is money that comes in while you sleep, or more specifically a check that you receive for work you’ve already done. Luckily on top of my JOB, I have a couple sources of residual income, so most of those are offset by my extra income. residual income pays over and over

For example – YOUTUBE allows you to monetize videos that you have created that have your own content. So by uploading a video 2 years ago that gets a small amount of views, over time, those add up and you may earn income from them. Now if you understand leverage, you start to realize, that the more videos you upload, the exponential earning potential is possible. I’ve personally uploaded over 300 videos, with more than 2 million views. This isn’t a lot, but it does allow for us to get a check that comes in out of the blue for work that we did in the past.

residual income walking through a wallNetwork Marketing may be the best source of Residual income that most people can get started with. Most companies have such a small start up cost, that for around $100 you can create your own economy. LITERALLY. So let’s say a friend introduces you to a product that you like, and you realize that, they showed it to you, you probably know a couple people who would like it too. When your friends or acquaintances join with you, they have the potential to share that product or service. Most people quit in the first year as they don’t have the patience or vision to understand the MATH. Once you have a few, and your few get a few, eventually your few keeps growing. If you can wrap your mind around a 5 year plan, and let’s say that in your first year you’re able to bring 10 people to work with you, your second year will have nearly 100 if the process keeps going, the 3rd year a few more hundred, the 4th year over 1000, and it just keeps growing. The point is to just never quit. And as the leverage of all the work of others keeps growing so does a residual income. residual success

Why Not Create Some Residual Income
Consider what $300 – $900 extra would do for your life?
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