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Black People Reality Please Share

Empowering Yourself. Reinventing Yourself ! Talking ,Politics Education , being Self-Sufficient

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God’s Formula For Success and His People That Never Fails

God’s success formula begins with keeping His Word in your mouth. Talk God’s Word.


You Are About To Discover The Simple Secret To Creating More Time Freedom, Money Freedom And Total Freedom In Your Life! Pay Attention, Take Notes, But Most Importantly Take Action!

Would you like to be a Virtual Millionaire?

Let’s begin with a definition of the term Virtual Millionaire. This is an expression, known to the CPAs, but unknown to the general public.

Virtual Millionaire – An individual that has zero debt and a passive or near passive income of at least 60,000 a year/$5,000 a month.

You see, if you can produce $60,000 in a year in dependable passive income, this would be the equivalent of having $1,000,000 in the bank at 6%.

We determined that it would be much easier to create the lifestyle of a millionaire by focusing on creating income. So, we have done my best to become an expert in this very different way of thinking about the financial independence.

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