A Life and Death Decision

How to get 15K in 30-45 days

pay me forward

How would you like to have $15K cash right now that you don’t have to trade your time to get and don’t have to payback?

Now think about it….. Do you know at least 2 other people that could use $15K right now?

Let’s talk about a Life and Death Situation

Let’s say you have a terminal illness and only given 60 days to live

Let’s say the Doctor’s gave you an Option to be able to live another 15 years

The Doctor says if you can come up with $15,000 in the next 60 days they can cure you to live 15 more yrs

Would you listen and follow the Doctor’s Orders to live 15 more years?

Well let’s say you were in this situation and here is the Doctor’s Orders: https://vimeo.com/204171763

paymeforward join now


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