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Rotating Savings And Credit Associations

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Micro-credit institutions like the Grameen Bank and Kiva.org have gained international recognition in recent years for supporting the small business activities of poor people who lack access to traditional sources of credit. These organizations have played a critical role in the alleviation of poverty and empowerment of women worldwide. Although these programs rightly receive a lot of attention from Western media outlets and political elites, many Western readers might be surprised to learn that many communities in developing countries operate their own lending organizations, many of which predate the international micro-credit movement. Called rotating savings and credit associations, or roscas, these organizations allow small groups of people to pool their resources for the purposes of saving and lending.

Roscas occur globally and take many forms, but most often they consist of a group of people who agree to make regular contributions to a fund, which is then given to each member in rotation. For example, six people may agree to give $10 to a fund every month for six months. Each month, a different member of the group collects the $50 contributed by the other five members and uses it for their business expenses or personal consumption. This arrangement allows people who can’t normally raise substantial capital to have periodic access to such funds. Roscas occur in developing countries in Asia, Africa, and South America, and they often go by local names: tontines in West Africa, hui in China, njangi in Cameroon, stokvel in South Africa, tandas in Mexico, and chits or kuries in India. (See complete listing of names: https://www.gdrc.org/icm/rosca/rosca-names.html))

Given the lack of external regulation and the incentive for rosca members to stop contributing after their turn to collect, it is remarkable how low the default rate is among roscas worldwide. The success of roscas can be attributed to five common characteristics:

  1. A communally based social order. Roscas most often occur in societies founded on strong communal ties, such as kinship networks or common identification with a native place. This subordination to group identify and mutual obligation is a powerful force which deters default. As with microcredit institutions, the majority of roscas benefit women.
  2. Obligations that are held to be collective in nature. In many of the communal societies where roscas occur, failure to pay would result not only in individual shaming but also in tarnishing the family name. Thus, many families feel an obligation to pay off a family member’s debt. Another strategy to prevent default is to put the newest members at the end of the rotation, where they will be merely collecting past contributions rather than receiving a loan.
  3. Social and economic stability. Roscas often exclude people who are deemed too economically unstable or morally questionable.
  4. Social and economic isolation. Individual reputation becomes much more important in areas with low rates of geographic mobility. Because people don’t have any alternative to maintaining their local reputation, the incentive to behave responsibly is high.
  5. Similarity among rosca members in social status. Rosca members often have similar social status, since a powerful member could potentially exploit the other members without consequence. Roscas rely on the powerful force of peer pressure.

From a Systems of Exchange perspective, roscas are primarily a Communal System. They exist only within social groups bound together by kinship ties, clan membership, or common identity with a geographic location. Furthermore, they rely on these social ties to ensure responsible behavior. Members who default can face a ruined personal and family reputation, as well as additional sanctions by the community. Despite their communal nature, roscas also exhibit the instrumental rationality which defines Associative Systems of Exchange; roscas are mutually beneficial to all their members because they allow people to access more substantial sums of capital.



Project 1024 For Lincoln All Classes

Project 1024 project-1024-4

All Classes Of Lincoln High School

Hello,  Lincoln Needs our Help!  We are joining together with all classes of Lincoln High School, community organizations, businesses, churches, schools and individual’s to give our Alma mater the help it needs;  We need you  to be apart of this movement. You participating in this effort will also create revenue for  you, your business, organization, church and school.  Everyone who participates gets Paid!

Lincoln High School needs our help  Right Now!  Like some other schools in San Diego, Lincoln does not have a lot of wealthy alumni who make donations to help out their school.

We have a solution for this; Joining together we can help Lincoln raise money by all of us connecting !

In a meeting with Lincoln high school coach Jeff Harper, he stated that schools across the country are feeling the impact of tightened belts caused by reduction in government funding for education. As school budgets are trimmed, sports and activity programs continue to feel the squeeze, creating a greater emphasis on fund-raising efforts.

Recently, Gompers and O’Farrell that were junior high schools back in the day are now high schools and that takes away players and money that Lincoln would usually get.

Now To help Lincoln high, We’re teaming up, connecting all classes together and asking anyone who ever attended Lincoln high school to join us in our goal of raising $15,900.

Don’t Panic!  We Can Do This!  Keep Reading!  Every person, organization, church or business that participates in helping Lincoln, will help their self raise money also. This Is – People Helping People!

This money would be for the Lincoln High School sports department to pay for new equipment, new uniforms, new balls, referee fees, bus travel to games, etc. Reaching our goal will provide our young athletes with what they need to compete and succeed.

How can this be accomplished?That’s a lot of money and not much time!

We can do this with Leverage and Duplication and by connecting together.

However in order to apply the principles of leverage income, you need a proven financial vehicle.

We would like to introduce you to Pay Me Forward Peer To Peer Fund Development System 

  • This is A new direction in fund raising
  • You can Raise money fast, Helping Others
  • You can raise money faster than ever before with this model of Connecting Together

For the first time we can really help each other; Rather you’re a part of a Business, Organization, School, Church or even you as an individual, when you make a donation with this system you can help someone and help yourself at the same time.

The 1024 Goal for Lincoln High School San Diego, CA

First;  This will not interfere with whatever you are involved in now.

Second;  There is no selling of any products required,

A one-time donation of $35 is the only out-of-pocket funds needed to reach our goal.

Using your contacts from school and those in your  smartphones first, you can introduce this to  people who will do the same as you… Donate $35 one time and they in turn will do the same thing, introduced our goal to  people from their contact list who will do the same thing.

Everyone who participates gets Paid! The Goal is $15,900 in 30-45 days

1024 Action Plan

Hornets 4 Life is the direct link between Lincoln High School and outside interest raising funds for Lincoln. It will take 1024 people participating in the program to reach our goal…thus the name 1024. This is not a lot of people .. Let’s Make it Happen

To Start: Go To Lincoln Project 1024 Pay Me Forward website by clicking on Pay Me Forward below

The best part about using this program is while you are helping Lincoln raise funds, you are also raising funds for your organization, business, church, school and yourself. By being a part of Lincoln 1024 Project . Everyone who participates gets Paid!

The Best Part…You Control Your own Money. Click The Pay Me Forward Banner Below



paymeforward join now

Is Project 1024 a Pyramid

Is Project 1024 A Pyramid?

Do You Have A Job?

 Ever Had A job?

If So,  If You New It Was A Pyramid,

Would You have Turn Your Job Down

 99.9% Of All Jobs Are Pyramids

Just Because It Is A Pyramid,

Dose Not Mean It Is Illegal.


Pay Me Forward, Project 1024’s  Funding Vehicle Of Choice;  

At first glance has similarities to…

  1. Multi-level Marketing, “MLM”
  2. Network Marketing
  3. Even a Pyramid.

Lets Look At MLM

Other terms used for MLM include pyramid sellingnetwork marketing, and referral marketing. According to the US FTC, some MLM companies constitute illegal pyramid schemes which exploit members of the organization.

DEFINITION of ‘Multi-Level Marketing’

A strategy that some direct sales companies use to encourage their existing distributors to recruit new distributors by paying the existing distributors a percentage of their recruits’ sales. The recruits are known as a distributor’s “downline.” All distributors also make money through direct sales of products to customers. Amway is an example of a well-known direct-sales company that uses multi-level marketing.

LADA EXPLAINS ‘Multi-Level Marketing’

Multi-level marketing is a legitimate business strategy, though it is controversial. One problem is that pyramid schemes, which use money from new recruits to pay the people at the top, often take advantage of people by pretending to be engaged in legitimate multi-level marketing. Pyramid schemes can sometimes be spotted by their greater focus on recruitment than on product sales.

What Is A Pyramid Scheme

By definition, all pyramid schemes are illegal business operations seeking to defraud consumers. Pyramid schemes harm consumers by manipulating their sales-force to enrich company leadership at the expense of individual participants.

1377549980-types-of-crowdfunding-300x201 This is accomplished by compensating members of the sales-force primarily for recruiting new participants; Instead of for selling products and services to customers or purchasing them for personal use.

In fact, pyramids schemes don’t work unless somebody loses. Those at the bottom of the pyramid are essentially defrauded by those at the top. It’s a mathematical fact that no matter how many people join a pyramid scheme, 88 percent of members will be on the bottom level and will lose their money.

Pyramids schemes are illegal because people don’t lose their money due to normal market forces, but because the system requires them to lose so that a few at the top will win.

Pyramids are Illegal! LADA and its member believe pyramid schemes should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The answer to the question in the title is NO! Pay Me Forward is not a pyramid.

They Say…The Proof Is In The Pudding

  • First, Pay Me Forward is not a MLM company.  Pay Me Forward members do utilize network and referral marketing to promote this Pay Me Forward system.
  • Pay Me Forward does not collect money from you or your down line members.
  • In Pay Me Forward, we receive instant cash payments….this is very powerful…..we do not have to worry about the program admin not paying us…we do not have any admin risks
  • There are no monthly fees
  • Instant “member to member” cash payments to the payment processors of your choice (Paypal / CASH /  BITCOINS / ETC, and therefore zero admin risk
  • With a $35 start, and virtually zero risk, as we earn our money back from our 1st referral, all money go from member to member and not to the top of some pyramid.
    Pay Me Forward is virtually zero risk, and therefore “easily duplicatable” globally.
  • Meaning, the only way you can lose your $35 is not to bring in your two people to help build your business.
  • 99.9% of  who ever participates will receive  money for there project in Pay Me Forward because it is a forced matrix! There is a mandatory requirement  to bring in there two members to start the process of receiving money.

This Turns Pay Me Forward Being A Pyramid On Its Head,

There Is No Way “Pay Me Forward Is A Pyramid

Get Started To Day…Click The Banner Below

paymeforward join now

How to Join Project 1024

paymeforward join now

STEP 1. If You Need More information about Pay Me Forward, please watch the following video

STEP 2. 1024 Action Plan Click on Join Our Community Pay Me Forward above and then click on JOIN NOW

After you join Pay Me Forward, you will have your own Pay Me Forward website.
Your website address will be at https://www.paymeforward.com/ref/yourusername
Select – sign in. Use your username and password to sign in.

From the Dashboard Select – Profile to update all your information and to add accounts to how you want to receive payments. (Cash, Credit or Debit Cards, Bitcoins, Check, Money orders, etc)

You can enter more than one account to receive payments. Study the entire back office. Watch this back office tutorial video:

If you have any questions please call  at us 619-332-3042

According to the Donation Plan Chart As Your donations come in.
In your back office, select – Upgrade to next level.
Follow the 2 steps to donate $25 to upgrade to Level 1.

The person you donate to must be logged into their back office and approve your donation by selecting – Pending Donations. You must also be logged into your back office and approve donations you receive by selecting – Pending Donations. Make sure you have your settings turned on in your back office so you will receive email and smartphone messages.

Lincoln Today Project 1024


Click The Banner Below To Join LADA Project 1024

pay me forward


Hello my name is Larry Smith I’m the co-founder, along with Bryce Jackson, of Funding 2020 And Project 1024.

How do you feel after you help someone in need?

Today I’m going to clear the air and give everyone a clear understanding of how this new form of People Helping People fundraising  works.

Have you heard of Kickstarter or Gofundme? this is the new style of fundraising which is called Crowd Funding; Thanks to modern technology, huge amounts of money  are being raised daily over the Internet with computers, tablets, and cell phones.

If you watch shark tank, you see that 7 out of 10 businesses on the show have raised their initial start up funds  from using one of the new crowd funding sources.


There are many more crowd funding companies besides the two that we mentioned at the top, as you can see in the image above, they all have different requirements but The bottom line is that all money raised besides the percentage that some of the companies require, all funds raised will go to one entity.

Our crowd funding vehicle to success is called Pay Me Forward Fund Development; Which provides a unique experience, where instead of the funds going to one individual, group or business, everyone who participates in a  fundraiser will also earn funds for themselves their schools, church, organization, or business as long as they follow the program.

This is not your ordinary fundraising program.

This is people helping people or peer to  peer fund development for sustainability;  So by helping Lincoln you will also be helping yourself, This is a Giving and Receiving a new crowd funding program.

  • You instantly received donations from other member
  • A hundred percent of all funds go directly to the members
  • You and only you have control over your money
  • When you help someone… You are helping yourself also
  • No Scams, No Gimmicks, No Hidden Costs

There is No required Selling or Purchasing of any products to make this program work even though they are available to you.

A one-time donation of $35  is the only out-of-pocket funds needed to reach your goals

Each participant who makes a one-time $35 donation gains access to a Free personal:

  • Website
  • Virtual online office… To track your money and program growth
  • Marketing material to help build a successful fundraising program

Click The Banner Below To Get Started: Help Lincoln High And Help Yourself your School,Church, business or organization.



Lets Talk About The Money!!! … How Does This Work?

The Lincoln 1024 JAM is an online experience; Designed to connect all of us together, to benefit Lincoln high school and the Southeast San Diego Community –  Using today’s technology… computers, tablets, smart phones and social media to connect all of us together to generate funds for everyone who is involved.


This Looks Like A Pyramid To Me – If  So, Click Here


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