How to Join Project 1024

paymeforward join now

STEP 1. If You Need More information about Pay Me Forward, please watch the following video

STEP 2. 1024 Action Plan Click on Join Our Community Pay Me Forward above and then click on JOIN NOW

After you join Pay Me Forward, you will have your own Pay Me Forward website.
Your website address will be at
Select – sign in. Use your username and password to sign in.

From the Dashboard Select – Profile to update all your information and to add accounts to how you want to receive payments. (Cash, Credit or Debit Cards, Bitcoins, Check, Money orders, etc)

You can enter more than one account to receive payments. Study the entire back office. Watch this back office tutorial video:

If you have any questions please call  at us 619-332-3042

According to the Donation Plan Chart As Your donations come in.
In your back office, select – Upgrade to next level.
Follow the 2 steps to donate $25 to upgrade to Level 1.

The person you donate to must be logged into their back office and approve your donation by selecting – Pending Donations. You must also be logged into your back office and approve donations you receive by selecting – Pending Donations. Make sure you have your settings turned on in your back office so you will receive email and smartphone messages.


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