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pay me forward


Hello my name is Larry Smith I’m the co-founder, along with Bryce Jackson, of Funding 2020 And Project 1024.

How do you feel after you help someone in need?

Today I’m going to clear the air and give everyone a clear understanding of how this new form of People Helping People fundraising  works.

Have you heard of Kickstarter or Gofundme? this is the new style of fundraising which is called Crowd Funding; Thanks to modern technology, huge amounts of money  are being raised daily over the Internet with computers, tablets, and cell phones.

If you watch shark tank, you see that 7 out of 10 businesses on the show have raised their initial start up funds  from using one of the new crowd funding sources.


There are many more crowd funding companies besides the two that we mentioned at the top, as you can see in the image above, they all have different requirements but The bottom line is that all money raised besides the percentage that some of the companies require, all funds raised will go to one entity.

Our crowd funding vehicle to success is called Pay Me Forward Fund Development; Which provides a unique experience, where instead of the funds going to one individual, group or business, everyone who participates in a  fundraiser will also earn funds for themselves their schools, church, organization, or business as long as they follow the program.

This is not your ordinary fundraising program.

This is people helping people or peer to  peer fund development for sustainability;  So by helping Lincoln you will also be helping yourself, This is a Giving and Receiving a new crowd funding program.

  • You instantly received donations from other member
  • A hundred percent of all funds go directly to the members
  • You and only you have control over your money
  • When you help someone… You are helping yourself also
  • No Scams, No Gimmicks, No Hidden Costs

There is No required Selling or Purchasing of any products to make this program work even though they are available to you.

A one-time donation of $35  is the only out-of-pocket funds needed to reach your goals

Each participant who makes a one-time $35 donation gains access to a Free personal:

  • Website
  • Virtual online office… To track your money and program growth
  • Marketing material to help build a successful fundraising program

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Lets Talk About The Money!!! … How Does This Work?

The Lincoln 1024 JAM is an online experience; Designed to connect all of us together, to benefit Lincoln high school and the Southeast San Diego Community –  Using today’s technology… computers, tablets, smart phones and social media to connect all of us together to generate funds for everyone who is involved.


This Looks Like A Pyramid To Me – If  So, Click Here



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