Project 1024 For Lincoln All Classes

Project 1024 project-1024-4

All Classes Of Lincoln High School

Hello,  Lincoln Needs our Help!  We are joining together with all classes of Lincoln High School, community organizations, businesses, churches, schools and individual’s to give our Alma mater the help it needs;  We need you  to be apart of this movement. You participating in this effort will also create revenue for  you, your business, organization, church and school.  Everyone who participates gets Paid!

Lincoln High School needs our help  Right Now!  Like some other schools in San Diego, Lincoln does not have a lot of wealthy alumni who make donations to help out their school.

We have a solution for this; Joining together we can help Lincoln raise money by all of us connecting !

In a meeting with Lincoln high school coach Jeff Harper, he stated that schools across the country are feeling the impact of tightened belts caused by reduction in government funding for education. As school budgets are trimmed, sports and activity programs continue to feel the squeeze, creating a greater emphasis on fund-raising efforts.

Recently, Gompers and O’Farrell that were junior high schools back in the day are now high schools and that takes away players and money that Lincoln would usually get.

Now To help Lincoln high, We’re teaming up, connecting all classes together and asking anyone who ever attended Lincoln high school to join us in our goal of raising $15,900.

Don’t Panic!  We Can Do This!  Keep Reading!  Every person, organization, church or business that participates in helping Lincoln, will help their self raise money also. This Is – People Helping People!

This money would be for the Lincoln High School sports department to pay for new equipment, new uniforms, new balls, referee fees, bus travel to games, etc. Reaching our goal will provide our young athletes with what they need to compete and succeed.

How can this be accomplished?That’s a lot of money and not much time!

We can do this with Leverage and Duplication and by connecting together.

However in order to apply the principles of leverage income, you need a proven financial vehicle.

We would like to introduce you to Pay Me Forward Peer To Peer Fund Development System 

  • This is A new direction in fund raising
  • You can Raise money fast, Helping Others
  • You can raise money faster than ever before with this model of Connecting Together

For the first time we can really help each other; Rather you’re a part of a Business, Organization, School, Church or even you as an individual, when you make a donation with this system you can help someone and help yourself at the same time.

The 1024 Goal for Lincoln High School San Diego, CA

First;  This will not interfere with whatever you are involved in now.

Second;  There is no selling of any products required,

A one-time donation of $35 is the only out-of-pocket funds needed to reach our goal.

Using your contacts from school and those in your  smartphones first, you can introduce this to  people who will do the same as you… Donate $35 one time and they in turn will do the same thing, introduced our goal to  people from their contact list who will do the same thing.

Everyone who participates gets Paid! The Goal is $15,900 in 30-45 days

1024 Action Plan

Hornets 4 Life is the direct link between Lincoln High School and outside interest raising funds for Lincoln. It will take 1024 people participating in the program to reach our goal…thus the name 1024. This is not a lot of people .. Let’s Make it Happen

To Start: Go To Lincoln Project 1024 Pay Me Forward website by clicking on Pay Me Forward below

The best part about using this program is while you are helping Lincoln raise funds, you are also raising funds for your organization, business, church, school and yourself. By being a part of Lincoln 1024 Project . Everyone who participates gets Paid!

The Best Part…You Control Your own Money. Click The Pay Me Forward Banner Below



paymeforward join now


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