LADA Cash Flow Training

Learn How To Play The CashFlow Game To Quit Your 9-5 Job

Are you financially struggling?. Want to improve your financial literacy and intelligence? then this course is for YOU!

What you’ll learn

LEARN money language and how it works while having fun playing the game

SPOT good investment opportunities

READ and UNDERSTAND financial statements

The more you play this game the more you will DEVELOP your financial intelligence

THINK and CREATE new and various financial options


  • Willing to put an effort to achieve financial freedom

  • Willing to practice this game by playing it lots of times to develop your financial IQ




In this course, you will learn how to play the new CashFlow game. This game is developed by Robert Kiyosaki, founder of Rich Dad company.

It  is a guide to those who want to unlock their way to financial freedom, through out this course, you will get to know how to play the Cashflow game that includes how to acquire financial intelligence, understand the language of money, read and understand financial statements and create your own.

The more you play this game, the more you will work on developing your financial IQ to help achieve your financial independence & freedom.



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