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Carlos Milsap A Founding Member The LADA Group

Carlos Milsap, Vice President at FEG Insurance Services
About FEG Insurance Services

Contact: 619-917-8743

FEG Insurance Services is in the business of educating our clients. In today’s modern world there are more choices than ever, when it comes to planning for both our life insurance needs and our retirement income needs.

It is important to know that at FEG, we are independent agents. That’s good news for you. What this means is that our loyalty is to our clients, not to any individual life insurance company. Being independent gives us the opportunity to shop the life insurance industry to find the best products and companies to suit your individual needs.

Today more than ever, you need to make well educated decisions. Please, take the time to study your options. There are some incredible YouTube videos for you to study on subjects such as, “Life insurance You Don’t Have To Die To Use, Common Sense Retirement Planning, No-Cost Critical and Chronic Illness Riders, Guaranteed Lifetime Income Options at Retirement, Hidden 401 k fee’s, and Using Life Insurance As a Low Cost Long Term Retirement Savings Vehicle.”

If you have the time, please click on the video below and hear the story about Johnny and how his life insurance policy paid him over $344,000 while he is fighting cancer and he is ALIVE! This is an incredible story about how new high tech life insurance concepts BRING LIFE to Life Insurance policies. It is not just about the death benefit anymore… If you’re fortunate enough to own the right policy from the right company.

Learn more about the LADA Group https://recyclingdollars.wordpress.com/lada-hedge-fund/

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