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Community Outreach Using The LADA Group

 The LADA Group

Leveraging and Duplication Associates
Mission: Community Economic Development

Click to See Video of George Fraser  Using Community Outreach

Outreach is an activity of providing services to populations who might not otherwise have access to those services

With the use of  Power Economics

1. Do you work for money or is money working for You?
2. Do you have money in a bank account?
3. What is your money doing for you Sitting in the bank?
4. Probably just sitting there. Creating little if any cash flow

The new way to save is to have your money working for you and not you working for your money.

This Is Wealth Mechanics.

LADA, Is Introducing a resource to recycle dollars in the community, Building another stream of income for everyone who participates.
Without interfering in whatever each individual is involved in now.

If you could invest $25 one-time and leverage it into your dreams would you do it?

We show you how to leverage a one-time $25 investment and with duplication by others, create a weekly income along with a monthly residual income.

How Is This Done?
Referral Marketing. Do you know two people who could use some more money?

Money Back Guarantee
We will give you a double your money back guarantee.
If you invest in the program and you bring two other people to invest in the program and if you haven’t earned any money in three months we will double your starting investment.

We are back by Multiplex Systems Inc. Multiplex is Owned and Operated by Peter Wolfing. Since our company opened our doors back in 1998. We have treated every customer like they are apart of our family. We have a BBB rating A+. We have over 600,000 Satisfied Members

For More information Contact:
BRYCE JACKSON 619-638-4007 OR LARRY SMITH 619-309-3184.


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