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Crowd Fundraising For Churches

Crowd Fundraising for Churches, Synagogues and Mosques
We help fundraise for churches, synagogues and mosques. No where is funding more desperately needed than in religious institutions, but unfortunately the old funding model for financing needed expenditures fails in too many cases. That’s one of the reasons we’re taking crowdfunding to churches and other worship centers to ensure we effectively plug the financing gap. Traditional methods may still work, but combining them with the efficiency tools brought to you by crowd fundraising, and your traditional methods, you’ll be surprised at how far you can go.

Start Your Campaign
It’s a simple process to launch your crowdfund campaign for your church or synagogue. First, create an account with ladacrowdfunding.com. After you’ve successfully confirmed your account, you can begin creating your campaign immediately. Within a matter of minutes, you can have your campaign ready to start receiving funds for all of your church financing needs. We’ve tried to take the complexity out of raising money. With our simple form, you can easily launch a crowdfund campaign and be sharing the link with friends and fellow church members via Facebook and other social networking platforms. You will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly and efficiently it is to raise money using today’s web-based tools.

To increase the success of your campaign, it may be helpful to include your campaign in a church event or include tiered rewards for the money donated. In this way, you’ll notice a sizable increase in the number and amount of donations received.

Learn more: www.ladacrowdfunding.com

For more info Contact:
Bryce Jackson (619)638-4007
Larry Smith (619)309-3184


Church Giving Down:Crowdfunding Can Help?

If giving has slowed down, then what options do churches have to raise funds for other key projects; like missions, youth camp, etc? • Car Washes • Bake Sales • Dinners • Auctions • Garage Sales • Coupon books Sure, these are the most commonly used and have been used for years with some degree of success. It’s not to say that these can’t be good options but the reality is that they do not usually generate enough funds to put much of a dent in what’s needed putting churches reliant on big donors.

How about leveraging crowdfunding? With the pace that technology/media is ever changing churches really have two choices; adapt or “try” and ignore it. Those who embrace these new online mediums can see great blessings but those who choose to ignore them unfortunately can limit their ministry. After all, technology just like anything else is merely a tool that if used properly can be an effective instrument for the Lord. Okay you got my attention, but what is crowdfunding you might ask?

Crowdfunding can be defined as a group of people with similar values coming together to support projects in exchange for rewards. Therefore funding a project with the help of a crowd of smaller donations vs. one or two from large donors. Crowdfunding is fundraising that gives back to the crowd who supported you. Is this a conflict for churches? It doesn’t have to be; after all our Heavenly father rewards us as well. God wired us in such away that incentives motivate us to take action. Crowdfunding for churches therefore although a new concept can be highly effective. It can serve as an alternative church fundraising tool for congregations of any size; all it requires is faith and some creativity.

Fortunately, there are platforms like LADA Crowdfunding who cater to Christian crowdfunding projects. Therefore, giving ministry staff some peace of mine knowing that they are using a tool that understands their mission and shares their core beliefs. So why are churches maybe more reluctant and/or hesitant than others to embrace these new media/technology trends and what can providers do to help?

Learn more http://www.ladacrowdfunding.com

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