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Les Brown on Cooperative Economics and the Church

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Why Black People Are The Weakest People in the World

We All Need To Get On The Same Page. This Is A Must See….Please Share

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Crowdfunding and Cooperative Economics

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What Is Co-operative Economics? The LADA Group

The Word Co-operative Simply Means To Co-operate Or Come Together And Pool Your Resourses To Service Your Own Consumer Needs.

Click on Image above for more Information about LADA Group

The LADA Group Has A Valid Alternative Economic System That Ensures The Recycling Of Consumer Dollars To The Community For Common Unity—A  Progressive Community That Has A Vested Interest In Sustainable And Obtainable  Products And Services For Its People Or Members Of The Community.

Everything Is Member Owned And Member Operated And/Or Community Owned And Community Operated.

Co-operatives Are Collaborative Systems Of  Economics Designed To Empower Each Of The Members Within The Confines Of Its  Cohesive Framework. A Co-operative Exist Not Only To Serve Its Members, But Also To Provide Service To The Community At Large. What Makes Coo-ps Or Co-operatives

Unique Is That The Members Are Also The Owners Of The Businesses Or Enterprises That Are Operating Within The Confines Of Its Communal Structure. Co-operative Economics Is An Autonomous Association Of Persons Working Together For The Mutual Benefit Of All Members Individually And Collectively.

Why Join A Co-op?
There Are So Many Reasons To Join A Co-operative In Times Like These.
During The  1929 Great Depression Of The Failed And Collapsed Economy, The Indigenous Peoples Of Co-operatives Structures Were  Amongst The Elite Few That Were Unaffected By The Collapse Of The Capitalistic  System Because They Were On This Alternative System Of Co-operative Economics.    However, People Whom Were Still Codependent Upon The Government And All Of Its Bankrupt Corporation Were Out Of Work For Several Years And Were Given Less Than Pennies On A Dollar For Their Life Savings.

Nine  Reasons To Join The LADA Group Coop:

 1.      The Capitalist System Has Failed  And Is On The Verge Of Collapse.

2.     Ours  Is A Self-Sustaining System, Which Allows You Access To Great Products And Services, While Profiting From Your Co-op Share.

3.      You Can Share Financial Success Of The Organizations And Enterprises in Our Team Build System.

4.      You Can Be A Part Of A Value And  Principles Based Organization That Puts People Above Personal Gain And Capitalism.

5.      You Can Help Change The Way Business Is Conducted In Your Local Community And Around The World.

6.      You Can Be A Part Of Your Own  Community Owned And Community Operated Structure To Contribute To Your Own Local  Thriving Community. (Connecting Your Contact List in your phone)

7.       You Can Substantiate A Promising Financial Future For Yourself And “You’re” Children.

8.      You Can Have Access To Much More Sustainable Technology And Better Education For You And Your Children.

9.       You Can Be A Part Of A Long Lived  Tradition Of Co-operatives Who Are The World Leaders In Stronger And Healthier Communities.

For more info Contact Bryce at 619-638-4007 or Larry 619-309-3184

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Are You Working For FREE?



lada group money silver dollarsDeuteronomy 14:25 New International Version
then exchange your tithe for silver, and take the silver with you and go to the place the LORD your God will choose. Now What Are You Going to Do? God Said…..

Click on the Image about to Join us or Find our more Information

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Why Jesus and The LADA Group Sends Out People 2 x 2


lada 2x2 matrix

Why did Jesus send his disciples out in pairs to preach the gospel?
Biblical Meaning of Numbers: The Number 2

The reason is that two people provide a valid witness instead of just one person (Matthew 18:20).
The disciples were called not only to be Jesus’ companions but also to be his witnesses to all of His teachings, miracles, etc. They were called and chosen to give a first-person testimony about Jesus’ whole ministry. The number 2 conveys the meaning of a union, division or the verification of facts by witnesses
The Lada Group 2 x 2 Matrix teaches you Personal Development and Financial Mastery and How To bring 2 and then teach those 2 how to bring 2 and teach those 2 using Referral Marketing. For every two that you teach how to bring two and teach two you make $100 over and over. Just teach your two that you will be with them will they get ready to bring in their two. Never try to introduce our group to someone by yourself. YOU NEED A WITNESS.
Genesis 1:27-29
The Sixth Day: Creatures on Land
…27God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. 28God blessed them; and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it; and rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over every living thing that moves on the earth.” 29Then God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed; it shall be food for you;…

God gave us all a Talent when we were created on this earth. Some get more than others.
Matthew 25:15 A talent was a monetary unit worth about twenty years’ wages for a laborer
Your Talent is worth $500,000 to $1,000,000 million dollars. Example let’s say you have a job that pays you $25,000 a year after 20yrs you have $500,000 dollars. God wants to know what are you doing with the money. God wants us to be fruitful and multiply our money. Not being a consumer and spending our money. He wants us to Invest into one another. Multiplication starts at 2. We all have some money maybe not enough. We must learn to put our money together and let it work for us in a Leveraging and Duplicating System. You don’t have enough time in this life to work for someone else all your life and expect financial freedom. If you put your money in the bank they take your money and put it to work for them. Now with the LADA Group your money will work for you in our Cooperative Economic System.

Matthew 25:14-30 English Standard Version (ESV)
The Parable of the Talents
14 “For it will be like a man going on a journey, who called his servants and entrusted to them his property. 15 To one he gave five talents to another two, to another one, to each according to his ability. Then he went away. 16 He who had received the five talents went at once and traded with them, and he made five talents more. 17 So also he who had the two talents made two talents more. 18 But he who had received the one talent went and dug in the ground and hid his master’s money. 19 Now after a long time the master of those servants came and settled accounts with them. 20 And he who had received the five talents came forward, bringing five talents more, saying, ‘Master, you delivered to me five talents; here I have made five talents more.’ 21 His master said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.’ 22 And he also who had the two talents came forward, saying, ‘Master, you delivered to me two talents; here I have made two talents more.’ 23 His master said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.’ 24 He also who had received the one talent came forward, saying, ‘Master, I knew you to be a hard man, reaping where you did not sow, and gathering where you scattered no seed, 25 so I was afraid, and I went and hid your talent in the ground. Here you have what is yours.’ 26 But his master answered him, ‘You wicked and slothful servant! You knew that I reap where I have not sown and gather where I scattered no seed? 27 Then you ought to have invested my money with the bankers, and at my coming I should have received what was my own with interest. 28 So take the talent from him and give it to him who has the ten talents. 29 For to everyone who has will more be given, and he will have an abundance. But from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away. 30 And cast the worthless servant into the outer darkness. In that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.’

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9 GOLDEN RULES of Investing

Click on the Golden Rules of Investment above to See The LADA Group Hedge Fund

Rules can be a good thing. They keep us out of trouble and help us avoid making
major blunders. Your investments are serious business. Your financial well-being and
retirement are largely dependent on your ability to invest your money effectively.
The golden rules of investing will serve to elevate your thinking when it comes to
your investing practices.
Consider these guidelines before you make another investment:
1.Know your starting point. What’s your net worth? Before starting any race, you
have to know where the starting line is located.
Take regular measurements of your financial situation to gauge your
2. Avoid investing in a business or financial instrument you aren’t able to
understand. Warren Buffet has made it a point to never invest in high-tech
companies for the same reason. If you lack an understanding of derivative
products, that would be a good reason to stay away from investing in them.
If you’re unclear about the fundamentals of an investment, how will you
know if it’s a good investment or if and when you should sell it?
3. Try not to invest and forget. Most investments require regular monitoring and
assessment. Market conditions can change, so try to remember to check on all
your investments.
The company whose stock you purchased might suddenly start taking on a
lot of debt.
1Stay on top of the latest news and make any necessary adjustments to
your investments.
4. Look past the price and the past returns. The real value of an investment isn’t
always evident by looking at the price or past performance. Take the time to dig
in and see if an investment has real value.
Sometimes an investment is underpriced because it’s a great buy.
Sometimes it’s underpriced because it’s junk.
5.Remember to consider inflation. Most investors forget to consider the effects
of inflation when choosing investments. Investing is looking toward the future,
so inflation is an important consideration.
6. Always have the insurance coverage you need. Few things can disrupt your
finances and ability to invest more profoundly than an unforeseen disaster.
Whether it’s a medical emergency, a tornado, or someone suing you
because they slipped on your sidewalk, you want to have adequate
insurance coverage to take care of it.
7.Make tax planning an ongoing process. Most people only plan for taxes at tax
time. However, the wise investor considers tax issues throughout the entire
Whenever you make an investment, consider what the tax implications
might be.
A little bit of forethought can mean thousands of dollars in April and you
can beat the tax man at his own game.
28.Have preparations in place for financial emergencies. If you lost your job
tomorrow, how long could you last financially? Would you be forced to sell your
portfolio and start over? If you lack an emergency fund, consider starting one as
soon as possible. When you need it, you’ll be grateful that you have it.
9.Retirement savings should take precedence. When retirement savings isn’t a
priority, you usually won’t have much of a retirement fund. We’re all prone to
putting things off until tomorrow. Start preparing for your retirement today.
Make your retirement a priority and you’ll live comfortably in your golden
Keep these 9 golden rules in mind to increase your investing success. Retirement
comes quickly, so try to put these rules into effect quickly.
Investing doesn’t have to be complex, but it does require discipline and planning. These
rules provide a framework that will allow you to stay on track.

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