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Best Hedge Against Inflation…LADA Hedge Fund Reports

Whatablessing Reports …The Best Hedge Against Inflation

The Problems and Why You Should Care

1. Depreciating Dollar
If you are holding U.S. dollars in a savings account, CD or money-market fund, you are slowly losing what you have saved or inherited and within a few short years could lose the bulk of what is remaining. It is being done in such a way that most people don’t notice. The hidden tax of inflation has been robbing you for quite some time and the pace and severity of this theft is increasing rapidly. If I sound alarmist, it is with intention.
The dollar has lost over 30% of its value in the past 7 years. That means if you held $100,000 in a savings account, you would now only be able to buy $70,000 worth of goods and services with it. You might still see the number “$100,000? on your statement, but because the government and Fed have been printing so much money, the value of all of those dollars has been declining rapidly and this drop in value is about to accelerate at breakneck speed. We could even witness a dollar collapse, in which case you will be lucky if your dollars maintain 10 or 20% of their current value. This means that everything that you have saved or worked hard for in life could quickly disappear if your wealth is stored in dollars. Those that purchased a home in the past 6-8 years already have a taste of how quickly this can happen.

2. Unemployment
But you have a good job, so new money will keep flowing in right? Maybe not. Unemployment in the United States is now officially reported at 10%. In California it is over 12%. These numbers are bad enough, but they are significantly under-reporting the true unemployment picture. You see, the government no longer counts those that have given up looking for a job because they are discouraged and couldn’t find work. It also doesn’t count those working a few hours per week, even though they want a full-time job. So the true statistic, as reported by Shadow Stats, is closer to 20%! 1 in 5 people in America do not have a full-time job. We are witnessing Depression-era unemployment.
They can talk about how the stock market and economy are rebounding until they are blue in the face, but if people can’t find work and don’t have money to buy things, there is no recovery. In fact, the stock market is actually crashing (measured in anything but dollars). So, with the threat of unemployment, making sure that your savings and investments will be there to fall back on is becoming increasingly important.

A History of How This Happened

1. Dropping of Gold Standard
Our money used to be backed by gold. It stated this right on the top of the bill and you could go to the bank and trade in dollars for gold or silver at anytime. This is what gave dollars value but when greedy politicians wanted to spend more than they had, usually to finance wars, they took the dollar off the gold standard. This allowed the government to print as much as they wanted without needing to worry about having enough gold to back it up. As a consequence, the printing press has been running at full speed and our dollars are now backed by nothing but the faith in the U.S. government.
The concept of using paper as money is relatively new in history, whereas gold and silver have been used as money for as long as humans began trading. Gold has and will always retain its value because it is scarce, divisible, indestructible, hard to extract from the ground, attractive to the eye, extremely industrious and in limited supply. Fiat currencies have come and gone and this brief period of being able to just print money out of thin air whenever the government needs it is coming to an end.

The U.S. has been able to get away with it for so long because we won World War II and set up the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Since then, everyone has used it to trade goods and settle international transactions, including oil trade.

2. Abuse of Reserve Currency Status
Our politicians have abused this power and the rest of the world is now looking to dump dollars and trade in for something more stable. This is big news. If the world no longer has to hold, trade and transact in U.S. dollars, what do you think will happen to their value, especially given that the supply has doubled in the last year alone?

China or Japan could crash the dollar by dumping their reserves and, while they are indeed dumping their dollars, they are doing it slowly so as to not create a sharp crash that leaves them holding the bag. However, as more and more people get rid of dollars and refuse to continue buying U.S. debt (for fear that the government won’t be able to pay it back), the dollar dumping is likely to accelerate and lead to a panic and crash in the currency. I don’t claim to be able to predict when this will happen, only that it will indeed happen. My guess is within the next 2-3 years.

Some Suggestions on What To Do
The absolute best hedge against the coming inflation is gold and silver, which have an inverse relationship to the dollar. As the dollar goes down, gold and silver go up. To protect against a decline in the dollar:

1. limit your exposure to U.S. dollars and dollar-denominated paper assets (stocks/bonds/etc.)
2. own tangible things that have true intrinsic value, not paper promises that can turn out to be worthless, as they have many times throughout history.

As you might have gathered by now, gold investing is not some get-rich-quick scheme. It is about protecting yourself and stopping the confiscation of your wealth. Granted, many precious metals investors will get very wealthy in the process, as gold has more than tripled in value since 2002 and many gold miners stocks have gone up more than 1000% in price. At the very minimum you should consider using precious metals as an “insurance policy” to protect your assets from what looks to be an inevitable dollar decline, if not an all out collapse.

Remember, while today’s price of over $1,000 gold is high, the inflation-adjusted high is actually closer to $2,300, suggesting gold still has plenty of upside. Many respected gold analysts believe it could reach $5,000 or $10,000 in the event of a dollar collapse and panic.
We are witnessing the greatest wealth transfer in the history of mankind. Are you protected? What side of the transfer will you be on?

Things I Believe Every Investor Should Do

Step 1: Get educated.
Don’t take my, or anyone else’s, word on this. Read books and newsletters on the subject and decide for yourself.
Step 2: Buy physical gold and silver and take possession of it
You can buy from your local coin shop or purchase from a number of online dealers that will store the gold for you. I highly recommend storing it outside of the U.S. banking system and outside of banks entirely if you can.
Step 3: Avoid “Fools Gold”
ETFs, pool accounts, futures contracts and leveraged accounts are not real gold. They are just paper promises often with no gold or silver behind them. Also avoid collector coins such as those sold in late-night infomercials. They have ridiculous premiums that are often several times above the metal content value in the coin.
Step 4: Invest in gold and silver mining companies.
The absolute best hedge against inflation is by investing in the companies that mine gold and silver. You get leverage of 2 to 4 times times the price appreciation of gold or silver. If gold goes up by 50%, your miners may very well double or triple in value. [Editor’s Note: In fact, gold went up 24% in 2009 versus the HUI at 42% (i.e. 1.75 times) and the Gold and Silver Companies Index (GSCI) which was up 85% (i.e. 3.5 times)]

See Video here for more information: http://recyclingyourdollarsonline.info

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LADA Group Shares Know Your Worth: If We Don’t Know, We Can’t Grow Our Community


The LADA Group shares As I meet and speak with community members from all over the country, I am guaranteed to hear them express concern about the death of sustainable black owned businesses.
Currently, black owned businesses are vastly underrepresented, accounting for less than 7% of all small owned businesses, even though we account for 13% of the population. African Americans certainly have an entrepreneurial spirit as we are more likely to start a business relative to other racial groups. But, limited access to resources (e.g., capital, clientele, etc.), increase our businesses’ likelihood to close its doors. Research suggests that communities’ generational economic empowerment is linked to entrepreneurial success.
Therefore, if we are serious about improving our communities, improving our schools, providing jobs (black businesses are the 2nd highest employer of African Americans after the government), we must advance and strengthen black owned businesses.Over the weekend, The Nielsen Company released “The State of the African American Consumer”, a groundbreaking report projecting African Americans buying power at 1.1 Trillion dollars annually by 2015. To illustrate how massive this figure is, if African Americans’ purchasing power equated to a country’s GDP, we would be the 16th largest country in the world! What does this mean? Black consumers have more economic power than we may realize.
It is important to note that the 1.1 Trillion figure may not necessarily be all cash on hand, as we may be using credit cards and loans to make certain purchases. Also, spending power increases and/or decreases with one’s income. However, as a collective, there is enormous potential for black consumers to leverage our economic power by way of supporting black owned businesses to foster community economic development.The NAACP and other organizations are constantly advocating for policies to create more opportunities for black owned businesses (e.g., increasing access to capital) to succeed. But, while these organizations are affecting change at an institutional level, I want to highlight how we, as individuals, can foster an environment where more black businesses can thrive.
First, we must stop the massive “leakage” of our money out of our communities. Currently, a dollar circulates in Asian communities for a month, in Jewish communities approximately 20 days and white communities 17 days. How long does a dollar circulate in the black community? 6 hours!!! African American buying power is at 1.1 Trillion; and yet only 2 cents of every dollar an African American spends in this country goes to black owned businesses.Maggie Anderson, Co-Founder of the Empowerment Project, decided to address this dilemma by committing to “buying black” along with her husband (and two children) for an entire year. In her book titled, “Our Black Year”, Anderson recounts her experiences patronizing black owned businesses while highlighting the challenges many black businesses face (black businesses lag behind all other businesses in every measure of success). Interestingly, throughout her journey, Anderson fielded accusations of racism for her “buying black’ project. But, what must be understood, and Anderson reiterates repeatedly in her book, is Black economic empowerment is healthy for everyone.
Considering the crux of impoverished communities’ problems are often economics, reinvesting in black businesses is one of the best ways to address socioeconomic disparities.You may be thinking “what if there are no black owned businesses near me? What if the prices are too high? And/or what if their services aren’t on par?” These are all challenges Anderson encounters on her yearlong journey. But what she realized, and many of us must realize, is that this effort requires sacrifice and persistence – just like generations before us sacrificed and persisted to provide us with opportunities (which many of them did not live to see). If we want to remedy problems in our community, many of which are systemic and multi-generational, then we must remain steadfast.
Furthermore, with the internet we now have more options, such as the website for the Empowerment Experiment, to overcome some of these barriers.It may be unrealistic to expect the African American consumer to exclusively patronize black owned businesses for various reasons including budgetary constraints, accessibility, or product availability. But in those instances where you do have options (e.g., restaurants, clothing, printing services, natural hair products, etc.), I challenge you to answer our call to action to try to be a conscious consumer. Over the next week, the NAACP Economic Department’s social media campaign, #knowyourworth, will highlight statistics and resources to support your consumption efforts. We must lead the way in investing in our own businesses, and we can by starting with our own 1.1 Trillion dollars. Because if we don’t support black owned businesses, it becomes that much harder to demand anyone else to.
So start with the contacts in your cellphone. That is your community and connect that community together and that will help build the Black Community as a hold if we just use cooperative economics that The LADA Group www.ladaproject1024.com has put together

The LADA Group…3 Things Wall St Not Telling?

The leading economies of the world are in hyper inflation RIGHT NOW.
So what is Occupied Wall Street not telling you?
Governments cannot just print money to stimulate the economy, as banks can only print 10 times the value in cash of the gold in the reserves.
Today they have already gone way beyond that 10 times limit and have no more margin left to risk, as it would cause a paper money melt-down.

All the worlds economies are linked, Occupied Wall Street knows Europe in turmoil and panic, they know it’s just a matter of time, as it only takes just one currency to go pop and the domino effect follows.
Germany, Greece, the United States, Portugal and Ireland are bankrupt or on a knife edge right now.
Want to bet who goes under first? Occupied Wall Street are not speculating on that future, as there is no point in betting which one goes first, it really doesn’t matter, when one goes under, we all go under.

How will you survive when the banks are throwing worthless paper out of their doors to protect their staff from riots?
How long can Occupied Wall Street hush it all up?
Remember Germany not so long ago, when it took a wheel barrow load of money to buy ONE LOAF of bread?
The Stock Market is LOSING approximately 20 BILLION A DAY.
How long have you got?

Play Safe..
We all need enough income now to buy Silver & Gold ASAP, this is the historic wealth safe-keeper since time began.
The LADA Group is the smart way 780,000 people globally have prepared themselves for what is coming and are currently generating thousands in monthly cash to buy their job freedom today.

Here’s one thing Occupied Wall Street should be telling you..
The LADA Group Economic solution to your future is right here, learn more at The LADA Group

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LADA Group Reports on…American Standard of Living in Decline

We may have more vcrs, tvs, ipods, and computers but our standard of living is in the toilet. A look at some common stats will make that clear. The first step to fixing the problem is recognizing that we have one.

I don’t care what anyone says but it’s become totally clear to me that the economic path we have chosen is not working. Our standard of living is in decline. Sure, we may have more cars, more tvs, more iPods, but we’re working harder and harder to get them and borrowing more and more to afford them. As a country, I feel that we are poorer today than we were 8 years ago, and perhaps even than we were thirty years ago.

I believe at the root of the problem is one thing: the government’s calculation of inflation.

According to the government, inflation has remained tame over the last 8 years, rising less than 3-4% per year. Yet, we all know this number does not reflect reality. Here are some interesting stats:

The price of housing has more than doubled since 1997 in most parts of the country, resulting in mortgage payments that have taken a recent percent of a buyer’s salary. This is true even with record low interest rates factored in.
Health costs have been skyrocketing. In 2007, the average rise in health-care premiums is expected to be 12%. The average worker’s salary will go up less than 3%.
The price of energy is at record highs and shows no sign of coming down.
The price of food is increasing. Check how much you pay for a gallon of milk. I bet it’s almost double what you paid three or four years ago. I will concede that the price of junk food and McDonald’s has stayed the same or dropped.
Many forms of entertainment have increased in price. Been to a concert or sports game lately? The prices are ridiculous.
Trips and vacations in foreign countries now cost almost twice what they did just three or four years ago. The falling dollar has made us poor in the international community.
College educations are increasing at three to four times the rate of inflation. An education at a four year private school costs between $40-50,000 per year.

Why does the government fudge the inflation rate number? It does that to keep the cost of entitlement programs down. If the government says that inflation is only 2% then it only has to increase social security payments by 2%. This change was originally made to reduce entitlements without having to actually cut them and taking the political heat. After all, if inflation is really rising at 5% and you only raise social security by 2%, you’ve effectively cut the benfit by 3%.

About the only thing that hasn’t increased in price are cheap lead-painted toys, cloths, and consumer electronics imported from China.

So, has our standard of living increased or decreased?

You tell me. If you like buying cars, eating at McDonald’s, living in a household where two parents have to work to pay the mortgage, sitting in front of 3 tvs while you listen to MP3s on your IPod, I guess the argument could be made that thing have gotten better.

But if you are looking to eat healthy good, have time to exercise and spend time with your kids, want to take a trip, want to send your kids to college, want to see a concert, want to buy cloths from a place other than Target, then I’d say things have gotten worse.

So, I still wonder, are we living better now than we did 50 years ago?

See this video on how to fix that at: http://theladagroup.com

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Are You Working For FREE?



lada group money silver dollarsDeuteronomy 14:25 New International Version
then exchange your tithe for silver, and take the silver with you and go to the place the LORD your God will choose. Now What Are You Going to Do? God Said…..

Click on the Image about to Join us or Find our more Information

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Gold and Silver in Bible Prophecy

I’ve been studying the subjects of Bible prophecy (prophecy is the Bible’s predictions of the future) and the precious metals market for the past several years.  Interestingly, both subjects are quite related in that they focus on what the future will bring, and both subjects require a dedicated search for the truth.   Bible Prophecy is a huge subject, so there is a great deal more research and scriptural support that lies beneath the conclusions and points I will be able to present here.  I think that one of the ways to achieve a greater understanding of the evils of the current fiat monetary systems of the world, and a better understanding of where we are headed, would be to study the economic system that God gave the Israelites in the Hebrew Scriptures of the Old Testament, and compare it to our own.

I will start with the conclusions of what my prophecy studies have led me to believe will be the future of gold and silver with respect to prophecy, and then explain in more detail how I arrived at the following:

Israel, continuing on into the future, prior to the return of Christ at the pre-tribulation rapture, will become a very rich nation in gold and silver, and these precious metals also must rise in value enough so to move other nations to envy so that Russia, the Arab nations, and possibly Germany (Gomer?) will be led to invade Israel at the start of the seven year tribulation.  (Ezekiel 38-39)  Gold and silver, in the future, prior to the rapture, and even into the start of the tribulation, will become extremely valuable, much more so than today, (Rev 3:18), particularly after major currency devaluations and severe economic collapse that is planned to come to bring about the chaos necessary to humble the nations into accepting world rule by the antichrist.  The world rule by the antichrist in the tribulation after the rapture, will involve a world currency, perhaps an electronic tracking system of gold credits (Dan 11:38, 11:43), involving the mark of the beast needed to buy and sell anything. (Revelation 13:16-18)  In the tribulation, many (not all) of those possessing gold and silver, who refuse to accept the mark of the beast, will be hunted down and beheaded. (Revelation 20:4)  I believe eventually, during the tribulation, most likely, it will be illegal to possess gold and silver in physical form as an unauthorized individual (without the mark or number or authority of the beast), anywhere in the world, (Ezekiel 7:19) but only during the short duration of the tribulation, or perhaps the second half of the 7 years time (Dan 7:25, 9:27,  Rev 13:5).   Finally, for the survivors of the tribulation, with the return of Jesus after the tribulation, gold and silver will be restored as money world wide, in accordance with the economic laws and principles as outlined in the the Hebrew law. (Zech 14:16, Isaiah 2:2-5)

, continuing on into the future, prior to the return of Christ at the pre-tribulation rapture, will become a very rich nation in gold and silver, and these precious metals also must rise in value enough so to move other nations to envy so that Russia, the Arab nations, and possibly Germany (Gomer?) will be led to invade Israel at the start of the seven year tribulation.  (Ezekiel 38-39)  Gold and silver, in the future, prior to the rapture, and even into the start of the tribulation, will become extremely valuable, much more so than today, (Rev 3:18), particularly after major currency devaluations and severe economic collapse that is planned to come to bring about the chaos necessary to humble the nations into accepting world rule by the antichrist.  The world rule by the antichrist in the tribulation after the rapture, will involve a world currency, perhaps an electronic tracking system of gold credits (Dan 11:38, 11:43), involving the mark of the beast needed to buy and sell anything. (Revelation 13:16-18)  In the tribulation, many (not all) of those possessing gold and silver, who refuse to accept the mark of the beast, will be hunted down and beheaded. (Revelation 20:4)  I believe eventually, during the tribulation, most likely, it will be illegal to possess gold and silver in physical form as an unauthorized individual (without the mark or number or authority of the beast), anywhere in the world, (Ezekiel 7:19) but only during the short duration of the tribulation, or perhaps the second half of the 7 years time (Dan 7:25, 9:27,  Rev 13:5).   Finally, for the survivors of the tribulation, with the return of Jesus after the tribulation, gold and silver will be restored as money world wide, in accordance with the economic laws and principles as outlined in the the Hebrew law. (Zech 14:16, Isaiah 2:2-5)

To summarize a few of the main points of the economic system as given in the law, which are a contrast to what we have today:

1.   Gold and Silver, as is all of creation, are from God, and given to man for good use, for a useful purpose.  (Genesis 1:28, Gen 2:12.)  Gold, silver, seed, and flour, were all used as money. (Lev 27:16, 2 Kings 7:1)  The vast majority of the time that gold and silver are mentioned in the Bible, it is in reference to the wealth of the kings of Israel or to the wealth of the temple of the Lord.  Gold and sliver were used in the workings and furnishings of the ark of the covenant, and the vessels in the temple.  Therefore, gold is definitely the approved by God for men to use as money and as a store of wealth.

2.  The people were to have and use “just weights and measures”.  The standard Hebrew units to measure the weight of things such as iron, stone, flour or anything, were the shekel or talent (or other measures), and also used to measure the weight of gold and silver.  Unjust weights and measures were “an abomination to the Lord”. (Lev 19:35, Deut 25:15, Prov 20:10)

3.  Charging interest when lending money was forbidden, unless to a foreigner.  (Exodus 22:25, Lev 25:36-37, Deut 23:19-20, Psalms 15:5, Prov 28:8, Ezek 18:12-13, Neh 5)

4.  Every 7 years was to be a time of total debt forgiveness & slave release. (Deut 15:1-3)

5.  Every 50th year there was not only debt forgiveness, but also the return of all land (except in cities) to the people which may have been loaned out or sold. (The 50th year, or Jubilee, was after seven sevens or 49 years) (Lev 25, 27:16-18)

6.  Wages had to be paid every day, not every two weeks.  (Lev 19:13)

7.  There was to be an inheritance from fathers to their children, and even grandchildren. (Num 27:7-11, Prov 13:22)

8.  They were to pay tithes and suburbs (land around the cities) to support the tribe of the Levites, one of the 12 tribes, who were the priests & ministers, lawyers & judges, scribes & teachers, and caretakers of the temple. (Num 18:23-24, 35:2-7)

Next, I will examine how the above laws contrast with our modern economy and system of money.

The two evils that are most frequently mentioned with regard to dollars is that, one, dollars are not a just weight and measure, and two, that all dollars brought into the economy are done so when either the government or the people borrow money from the banks (who borrow from the Federal Reserve) at interest.  Most people understand that, originally, the dollar was defined as a weight of gold, 1/20 of an ounce, but they really don’t care all that much about it.  The reason why is because when hard economic times come because the people are in debt and there is a perceived “lack of money”, the people actually prefer allowing inflation to continue, rather than let deflation make it impossible for them to pay off their debts.  Therefore, it is much less well understood why lending at usury, or any interest rate, is wrong.  I will attempt to briefly cover why charging any interest at all is unnecessary for an economy to prosper, but also evil.

There are many ways to cause wealth and capital to accumulate.  You can invest capital (or time and labor) directly in some endeavor, such as a business, which involves both risk and work.  Or, you can lend money out at interest, requiring collateral to eliminate risk, and charge interest, which involves no work.  Obviously, the second way is easier, and it is dishonest because it involves no risk and no work.  Contrary to popular thought, forbidding loans at interest would not destroy an economy.  Money would still be put to good use as people invest it directly into the economy.  In fact, people would be more likely to invest in stocks (directly into the economy) if bonds were simply not available.  In fact, it is not even necessary to pass laws forbidding loans at interest, nor is it necessary to prosecute either borrowers or lenders for participating in such transactions.  What is needed is for the government to simply not recognize contracts which charge interest as being valid contracts, just as any contract which is based on an illegal practice, combined with fraud and deception and lack of disclosure should not be valid.  What this means is that lenders should not be able to demand that the government enforce payment or transfer of collateral when payment becomes impossible.

When you understand that those who loan money at interest will be able to enslave the people to whom they make loans, it helps to explain what is being described in Nehemiah Chapter 5, and it explains why God’s people are forbidden to lend at interest (usury) to their fellow people.   Understanding the process of how usury works also explains how certain prophecies about the nation of Israel would be fulfilled.  Israel would both lend to other nations and rule over them.  (Deut 15:6, 28:12)  Lending to others and ruling over them are concepts that are directly related, “the borrower is servant to the lender”.  (Proverbs 22:7)

Investors are often regaled with stories of the power of compound interest, but they are not told the full story of precisely how powerful it can be.  Typically, we are told by investment advisors that if we invest $2000 very early in life (and allow for 9 doublings), or $10,000 a bit later in life (7 doublings), we can retire with a million dollars.  Great!   However, they don’t tell you what is possible if your family dynasty invests a million dollars over a few generations.  A million in gold, after 16 doublings, would come to about $64 Billion, which was way more than all the gold in the world back at $20/oz.  After 20 doublings, a million turns into a trillion.  See the following for proof:  1 1; 2 2; 3 4; 4 8; 5 16; 6 32; 7 64; 8 128; 9 256; 10 512; 11 1,024; 12  2,048; 13 4,096; 14 8,192; 15 16,384; 16 32,768; 17 65,536; 18 131,072; 19 262,144; 20 524,288; 21 1,048,576

Obviously, a single family, in only two-three generations, that started out moderately wealthy, if able to lend at interest, risk free, using loans secured by collateral and government enforcement of contracts, would be able to control all the wealth of the entire world. Again, just a small example of why lending at interest, risk free, using using loans secured by collateral and government enforcement of contracts is inherently unfair, and should not be legal.

Many people say that for the most part, the process of world ownership rapidly accelerated in the early 1900’s, and was greatly facilitated in 1913 at the founding of the Federal Reserve Bank, and was in full swing by about World War II.  The proof is that the national debt of the United States at the end of WWII was 250 Billion dollars, and this can be seen at http://www.ustreas.gov/opc/opc0019.html

The $250 Billion x 1 oz/$35 = 7,142 million ounces of gold (worth of dollars) times 1 ton/32150oz. =  222,146 tons worth of gold that the U.S. supposedly borrowed from the Federal Reserve. That’s about twice the amount of gold that is estimated to exist in the world today!  Back then, that was probably 4-5 times all the gold in all the world.  Of course it is impossible to conceive how the U.S. was able to borrow, in value, more than what exists in the entire world, but somehow we did just that.  It is mind boggling that a single private entity was able to create that many dollars out of thin air (because obviously they did not actually loan us more gold than exists), and loan them to the United States, at interest (the interest is the second fraud), and then demand payment in gold all the way up to the early 1970’s until Nixon finally closed the gold window.  Even today, with the debt at five trillion dollars, and all the gold in the entire world valued at one trillion dollars, something is seriously wrong with that.  There is no way the United States can ever pay back, in value, 5 times as much gold as there exists in the entire world, and it is even more certain that we never borrowed any such thing in the first place.  Therefore, if we never actually received any tangible thing when we took out the loan, there is no reason to claim or think that we must pay anything back. Printing the presses wildly to pay off the debt is no different than what happened when the debt was created.  The debt was loaned into existence with funny-money to begin with, therefore there is no reason that the debt should be paid back with “valuable” dollars.  At this point, attempting to keep the dollar valuable only continues the enslavement of the people and the nation. I say go ahead, monetize the debt, and let the printing presses run wild if the government needs money; don’t sell bonds, don’t even collect taxes, let the dollar collapse to zero, and let the people flee to ownership of gold and/or silver while the dollar can miraculously still purchase any.

This hopefully explains the two great evils of our monetary system which are that the dollar is not an accurate weight and measure, and that debt money and usury is evil.  But more than that, it also explains why all debts, everywhere, for everyone, all at once, should be completely forgiven and wiped out every 7 years, so that this kind of enslavement debt can never be built up in the first place.  Allowing the dollar to collapse to zero would be a great benefit to the economy, since all enslavement debt would be wiped out, and the entire system of fraudulent weights and measures would be forced to end.

Examining the process of evil that created our current economic problems hopefully can shed light on how it will end, and what will come next.  It is a certainty that all paper money systems in all of history have eventually collapsed; therefore the dollar, like all the rest, is doomed to reach zero value at some point in the future, and anyone who saves money in dollar form is really just asking for trouble.

Next, I will explain the context and framework of my understanding of Bible prophecy so that I will be able to explain my interpretation of the scriptures in the introduction.

As I mentioned at the start, I believe in the doctrine of the “pre-tribulation rapture”.  For many who know next to nothing about prophecy, I apologize for the unusual terminology, and I will do my best to explain what that means.  Of course, there are many different views on prophecy, which make any study of the subject quite arduous.  For those who believe that Revelation 20 is speaking of a literal time period of 1000 years long, nearly all believe Christ will return physically at the start of that time.  Again, nearly all who believe in that literal scenario also believe that this 1000 years is immediately preceded by a time period called the tribulation (which includes the famous battle of Armageddon).  The tribulation is variously interpreted to last anywhere from 3.5 years to 7 years or perhaps an undefined period of time when the antichrist, or Satan will come and deceive people by claiming to be God, (2 Thess 2:3-4,11) The most common view is that this time of tribulation lasts 7 years.  The next detail to narrow down is the issue of the timing of the rapture, which is when Christ descends from heaven and gathers his faithful up to heaven to be with him.  The various views are that the event of this gathering (or rapture) might take place either before, or during, or after the tribulation.  The “pre-tribulation rapture” view is generally held by various Christian fundamentalists such as Baptists, Pentecostals such as Assemblies of God churches, Vineyard Churches, Calvary Chapel, and many other independents.  Famous preachers of this view include John Darby of the early 1800’s, the Scofield Bible of the early 1900’s, Hal Lindsey of “The Late Great Planet Earth” of the 70’s, and lately Tim LaHaye of the Left Behind fiction series.

On a few internet polls, I have found that perhaps half of the people who believe the pretribulation rapture also believe that the event of the Gog & Magog war of Ezekiel 38-39 takes place right at the start of the 7 year tribulation.  It makes sense to place the event of this war at that time because after this war, the Israelites go out and collect and burn the weapons of their fallen enemies for the next seven years, which is the length of the tribulation.  The other main reason to place this war at that time is that the antichrist will need some sort of deception to claim, somewhat like Hitler did, that the 1000 year reign has begun.  This Gog & Magog war can therefore be falsely claimed to be the war of Armageddon, thus properly confusing people into thinking that the tribulation must be over, and that Christ really has returned.

The implications of this for gold and silver are obvious if you take the Bible literally because the passage is quite clear that jealousy of Israel’s wealth of gold and silver causes the nations to the north to invade. (Ezekiel 38:13)  Based on this, I have both a question and advice for precious metals dealers.  Question:  Do the people of Israel today have an affinity for gold and silver, and are they big buyers of the metals, and do you see them becoming buyers of the metals increasingly into the future?  Advice:  Why not go to Israel to set up a coin shop to sell physical gold and silver, since it appears quite clearly that the Bible says they will become wealthy in it.  Israel will have to buy precious metals from somebody to fulfill the prophecy.

In connection with the Ezekiel passage, there is Revelation 3:18, which many interpret only symbolically.  However, the passage is to the Church of Laodicia, which reads like a description of our monetary system of false wealth.

Rev 3:17 Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:
18 I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see.

Americans today think they are rich, because they have plenty of goods, and the dollar buys much, but they seemingly do not know that the are truly poor, having no real wealth at all, which is gold.  They are even blind to the fact of their poverty (no gold) and debt because they can live in nice houses and drive nice cars, which is exactly what the passage is saying on the literal level, they are “increased with goods”.  America even exports pornography to the world, which is showing the world our nakedness, and for the most part, our culture is not ashamed.  I don’t think taking this passage as literal advice to buy gold is wrong in any way, and taking the passage literally does not necessarily invalidate the spiritual message that is also contained in the verse, which is that we should be seeking Jesus for our spiritual needs.  Undoubtedly, if the passage is to be understood on a literal level, the Bible is saying for all who have ears to hear, “buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich”.

Furthermore, this passage supports and compliments the passage in Ezekiel 38-39 in two clear ways.  First, I find it difficult to believe that the nations of the north would ever invade Israel for gold and silver if these precious metals retained their current value of about $275/oz and $4.60/oz.  All the gold in all the world, about 4 Billion ounces at today’s prices, is approximately valued at a paltry one trillion dollars.  This is less than the annual budget of the United States government.  So it makes much sense that gold and silver have to drastically come up in value to be worth enough to go to war over.  Secondly, the passage in Rev 3-4 is in the context of the pretribulation rapture.  The passages in Rev 3:8-10 and Rev 4:1 are often quoted as rapture support passages.  Therefore, it appears as if the valuation of gold and silver will go up just before or by the time of the rapture, and the invasion of the Gog & Magog war.

After the rapture, the antichrist will come to power through peace. (Daniel 8:25, 9:27, 11:21, 11:24)  Since the main goal of the antichrist is to convince people that he is Christ, this is quite fitting for him to be the one to usher in peace after the supernatural destruction by fire at the Gog & Magog war of Ezekiel 38-39.  After all, Christ is the one who brings in peace at the start of the 1000 years in Revelation 20.  Furthermore, one of Satan’s signs of deception is that he shows he has the power to make fire come down from heaven. (Revelation 13:13, 2 Thess 2:9) Why would Satan, or the antichrist, need to show he has this power, unless it is to back up his false claim that he is God, the one who destroys the enemies of Israel by fire in the Gog & Magog war? (Ezekiel 38:22, 39:6)

Since it appears that the world was going to World War III or WWIV or Armageddon over gold and silver (Ezekiel 38:13), I believe one of the antichrist’s solutions for world peace will be rather simple.  One solution would be to outlaw physical possession of gold and silver by anyone except for the world government.  It is rather clear that the antichrist controls and owns gold and silver.  (Dan 11:38, 11:43, Ezekiel 28:4,5,18)  There is a rather complimentary passage in Revelation 13:16-18 which describes the mark of the beast which is required to buy and sell.  There must be some sort of compulsory system of tracking electronic credits, such as an implantable microchip or tattoo of some sort which properly identifies people who are authorized to buy and sell.  Cash and physical possession of items of monetary value like gold and silver are simply incompatible with such a system.

Further, Ezekiel goes on to describe a frightening passage about how gold and silver seem to be less than worthless, but almost even dangerous to possess, again, I feel I should quote the full passage.

Ezekiel 7:19  They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the LORD: they shall not satisfy their souls, neither fill their bowels: because it is the stumblingblock of their iniquity.

Why would anyone ever feel the need to “cast their silver in the streets”?  Even if silver were to drop in value to ten cents per ounce, people would still buy and sell and hoard the stuff (I certainly would), and there would be no need to throw it away like it was garbage.  So, to cast silver into the streets!  In the context of Daniel 11, Revelation 13, and the rest of the passage where it says “their gold shall be removed”, it seems as if the only reason people are casting silver into the streets is because they want to get rid of it, so it cannot be said that they ever owned or possessed the stuff.  Today it is possible to scan someone’s house from the street and detect whether a person has a quantity of precious metals.  Throwing one’s metals into the trash might not be a good idea, because it might be shown that it came from you.  Burying it might not be an option, if they can detect that as well.  Isaiah 2:20, Isaiah 30:22, and Isaiah 31:7 compliments the idea that people will be casting away all items of gold and silver in the time of the tribulation, also known as the “Day of the Lord”.  These passages are best to be understood to take place in the context of the time of the 7 year tribulation, since it speaks of the “day of the wrath of the Lord”, which Zephaniah also describes as the time of the tribulation, or trouble, or distress. Zephaniah 1:14-18

To the novice Bible interpreter, it might seem as if these are contradictory passages that on the one hand say that gold will be valuable, and on the other, say it won’t be valuable.  But even these passages about “casting away silver” strongly suggest that gold and silver will be quite valuable at that time.  Consider the phrase, “their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the LORD”, which is also repeated in Zeph 1:18. This phrase is not only suggesting that God cannot be bribed, but that the forces of Satan which will rule at that time will also not be able to be bribed.  But there is no explicit notion that gold and silver won’t be valuable at that time, on the contrary, I feel the passage is saying that even these supreme representations of wealth, gold and silver, no matter how valuable they might be, will not be able to save them from the time of the wrath of God.

There is one other prophecy passage in the New Testament about gold and silver in James 5:1-6 which is especially relevant to what we see today in the precious metals market.

James 5:3  Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.

I do not think that this verse is advice against owning gold and silver.  This verse is not saying that it is honorable to maintain wealth in the form of dollars which, remember, are fraudulent weights and measures which are an abomination.  Holding dollars would place one in the category of the worker whose wages of wealth were “kept back by fraud” as indicated in James 5:4.  If anything, James 5:3-4 is a testimony against the bankers who have stolen gold and silver from the people through fraudulently issuing more and more paper contracts that they never intended to honor in the first place.

But James 5 is also a testimony against the banking practice of leasing gold and silver.   For when they do that, their gold and silver literally “rust away”, as they attempt to continue to list as assets in their books the gold and silver that is gone!  Truly, gold does not rust, it is only the insane practice of leasing gold that helps to explain how gold could be cankered and rust away.  Furthermore, the verse says that the rust of the gold will be a “witness against you”, and today, we see the increasing awareness among people of the fraudulent banking practice of metals leasing, which, increasingly, is certainly a witness against the banks.

In conclusion, I do not know exactly when the set sequence of events in scripture will begin.  Perhaps the rapture will happen next year, or 5 years from now, or 10 or 30 or more.   But I am confident in my interpretation of the scriptures, and I’m confident that I have placed them in the correct time sequence with regard to the overall prophetic outline of events.  I’m extremely confident that Israel will become wealthy in gold and silver, and that this will take place before the return of Christ. (Ezekiel 38-39)  I am also extremely confident that the Bible does not condemn ownership of gold and silver, as these are truly the only Biblically approved forms of money according to Hebrew law, and the metals are the very embodiment of “just weights and measures”.

If anyone wishes to discuss further the details of my interpretation of Bible Prophecy, I invite you to visit my web site at http://www.linkjesus.com/ or email me at  bibleprophecy@yahoo.com


Jason Hommel

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The LADA Group Practicing Group Economics in the African-American Community

Network economics refers to business economics that benefit from the network effect. It is also known as Netromix. This is when the value of a good or service increases when others buy the same good or service.

Unity is being together or at one with someone or something. It’s the opposite of being divided. Is your community connected like this ?
COMMUNITY broken down really means:

C = Colaboration
O = Of
M = Members
M = Money
U = Uniting
N = Neighbors (Family, Friends, Associates)
I = Investing
T = Together
Y = Yield

Yield is ROI return on Investment. Learn more how to connect here

lada group group economicsOne of the greatest strengths of any community is its ability to identify, support, and reward the talents and skills of its members. When I was a child, I remember observing my mother go out of her way to hire African-American professionals in the community. I now realize that she understood then, and understands today the importance of practicing group economics. That is, creating and exchanging resources (e.g., currency, talents, gifts, and skills) that a group deems valuable among another. Sadly, today group economics is not being practiced as nearly as often as it could be practiced among African-Americans especially. In fact, in no time than the present have we seen so much blatant apathetic and disconnected people in the African-American community than we do today. Some fault the concept of “hyper individualism”, an overly self-absorbed concern for oneself. Others blame the educated Black community for not giving back after they’ve “made it” and succeeded in their prospective careers.  And still others feel that we’re living in a “Post-Racial Era”, and we should all demand to be recognized as individuals rather than side with any one particular race. In any case, this article is concerned about the African-American community and how they are disproportionately represented in the most problematic spheres of American society, how this relates to their lack of economic empowerment, and practical that can be done about it. In this article I provide practical solutions to set African Americans on the road to practicing group economics.

Group Economics in Practice
Use Online Resources- With the internet now so readily available, there’s really no excuse for why someone isn’t networking. Even in the most remote areas of a community, you can find an African-American professional with only a click of a button. LinkedIn.com for example puts you in direct contact with local and international professionals in every field.

Commitment vs. Convenience– A willingness to support each other is also a matter of not gravitating toward convenience. Yes, the Barnes & Noble might be just down the street, but what about supporting that local Black-owned book store that might be a few miles away? You could be helping to put the owner’s children through college with the money you spend in the bookstore.

Stop Waiting for Someone Else to Do It– Not enough African-Americans are investing in themselves. How long will they complain about there not being enough Black businesses? Thousands of dollars are invested in getting degrees, why don’t enough educated African-Americans feel strongly enough about their ability to create jobs for themselves? To practice group economics, African-Americans must not only support Black businesses, they must also establish businesses and employ other African Americans.

Teach Your Children about the Differences between Riches and Wealth- Children attend school to learn about the basics of everything from reading, writing, and mathematics, but they graduate with very little, if any, knowledge about the importance and the value of money. And few know what it takes to earn money and maintain a decent standard of living. Take children to see the most affluent communities and point out all of the things the members of those communities are doing to keep their communities thriving (e.g., educating themselves, pursuing professional careers, and then investing their income back into the communities from which they came). Then, take children to see the most poverty stricken communities. Point out the things that might be negatively impacting those communities (e.g., poor educational systems, limited job opportunities, people moving away from communities). Finally, ask children which way would they prefer to live. Children must understand that riches are temporary and wealth and assets can be handed down from generation to generation.

Group economics and unity are priceless to every community, but no community needs to put into practice group economics like the African-American community. Let’s all think of other ways that we can support one another. Even if it’s just to encourage one another for whatever talents and skills we might have. Bakers, cooks, authors, seamstresses, artists, etc. get with the organizers in your community who are great at managing people to form businesses. Nothing beats a try, and we have nothing to lose and so much more to gain.

Interested in becoming part of the next big movement in the African-American community? Click here for more information on how to become a part of our organization.

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