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The LADA Group…3 Things Wall St Not Telling?

The leading economies of the world are in hyper inflation RIGHT NOW.
So what is Occupied Wall Street not telling you?
Governments cannot just print money to stimulate the economy, as banks can only print 10 times the value in cash of the gold in the reserves.
Today they have already gone way beyond that 10 times limit and have no more margin left to risk, as it would cause a paper money melt-down.

All the worlds economies are linked, Occupied Wall Street knows Europe in turmoil and panic, they know it’s just a matter of time, as it only takes just one currency to go pop and the domino effect follows.
Germany, Greece, the United States, Portugal and Ireland are bankrupt or on a knife edge right now.
Want to bet who goes under first? Occupied Wall Street are not speculating on that future, as there is no point in betting which one goes first, it really doesn’t matter, when one goes under, we all go under.

How will you survive when the banks are throwing worthless paper out of their doors to protect their staff from riots?
How long can Occupied Wall Street hush it all up?
Remember Germany not so long ago, when it took a wheel barrow load of money to buy ONE LOAF of bread?
The Stock Market is LOSING approximately 20 BILLION A DAY.
How long have you got?

Play Safe..
We all need enough income now to buy Silver & Gold ASAP, this is the historic wealth safe-keeper since time began.
The LADA Group is the smart way 780,000 people globally have prepared themselves for what is coming and are currently generating thousands in monthly cash to buy their job freedom today.

Here’s one thing Occupied Wall Street should be telling you..
The LADA Group Economic solution to your future is right here, learn more at The LADA Group

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Prosperity Mindset for LADA

LADA Prosperity Mindset

How good are you at receiving prosperity?

Do you wish for a life of abundance and prosperity but find yourself lacking when it comes to your money, time, health, comfort, or relationships?

If you don’t believe you’re destined for a prosperous and fulfilling life, then I want to offer you some encouragement in this area.

You absolutely deserve and are destined for abundance!

Additionally, the good news is that the secret of happiness is completely in your hands. You’re not at the mercy of your environment.

You just need to understand what receiving prosperity is all about.

Receiving Prosperity
Your Life Paradigm

The first thing I’d like you to pay special attention to is the paradigm you view the world through.

Prosperity really starts in your mind. Your thinking is everything.

Reflect on your normal thinking process in terms of abundance and lack.

Do you naturally feel as if there’s a vast amount of abundance available to all or do you live within the confines of feeling as if there’s a shortage of time, money, comfort, etc?

There’s a direct correlation between the life you’re leading and the thoughts you have in this area.

Until you can truly understand that this world is overflowing with everything you currently seek, you’ll continue to feel frustration at the lack you experience.

Think of it this way:

When you see people enjoying their lives, do you really think they deserve it any more than you do? Do you really? I hope not, because it’s not true.

The real difference between a person experiencing prosperity in life and you is? Simply that they’ve opened themselves up to receiving abundance and you haven’t… yet.

Their life paradigm says, “Abundance is all around me. Prosperity comes to me in both expected and unexpected ways.”

If you can set aside your paradigm that the world is full of “lack” and begin to see through this paradigm of abundance, prosperity isn’t far behind.

Receiving Prosperity
Becoming Thankful

After you’ve checked your thinking, what else can you do to begin receiving prosperity?

First of all, center in on being grateful.

Nothing repels abundance and prosperity faster than bitterness on your present condition. Sure, you may not be living your dream yet, but there are certainly aspects to your life that you feel grateful for right in this very moment.

Become aware of all you feel gratitude for.

This was a lesson regarding prosperity that took me a long time to understand. For many years, my focus was always on what was wrong. I always thought about that which I wanted to fix or make better.

I never allowed myself the healing process of being thankful for what I currently loved about my life. I didn’t think there was much to be grateful for until I stopped one day and really thought about it.

When I learned to find contentment in gratitude, my life began to change. I began to manifest prosperity. I began to see how effortless it really is to attract abundance.

You can do the same!

Receiving Prosperity
Accepting Prosperity and Abundance

The next step is to accept prosperity into your life.

Part of receiving prosperity is allowing yourself to deserve it. If you’re struggling to achieve that which you want, then somewhere along the way you’re simply rejecting good fortune.

Understand that if you’re stingy about life, prosperity will be stingy right back. This is true in terms of money, relationships, or whatever.

Don’t walk through life feeling stingy about what you deserve. Open yourself up and be willing to accept prosperity. Accept that which makes you feel fulfilled and purposeful.

Receiving Prosperity
Learn to Give

At the same time, never forget that one of the basic laws of prosperity and abundance is that you’ll receive back ten-fold that which you give.

Be willing to give your time, money, and resources to others in need.

Again, life is abundant if you see it that way. There’s always plenty unless you allow yourself to believe otherwise.

You’ll never be left wanting just because you give of yourself. The amazing part of the whole process is that when you give because you truly want to help others, the same kind of help comes back to you.

If you don’t have what you want in life right now it’s not your harvest, it’s your seed. For your Prosperity Seed go to: http://recyclingyourdollarsonline.info

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Today is The Techno-Info-Edutainment Age?

How to Become A Virtual Millionaire

We have determined that it would be much easier to create the lifestyle of a millionaire by focusing on creating income. So, we have done our best to become an expert in this very different way of thinking about the financial independence.

Let’s begin this lesson with a definition of the term Virtual Millionaire. This is an expression, known to the CPAs, but unknown to the general public.

Virtual Millionaire – An individual that has zero debt and a passive or near passive income of at least 60,000 a year/$5,000 a month.

You see, if you can produce $60,000 in a year in dependable passive income, this would be the equivalent of having $1,000,000 in the bank at 6%.

If building wealth for you and your family is what you desire than you must first understand where does money come from? To figure out the Mystery behind building wealth you must know the history of building wealth. Watch Video by clicking on the money below with the arrow.

First since the beginning of time yr 0-1750. We lived in an Agricultural age.
Meaning Land equal Wealth. You were either born rich or poor. If your family had the land you were rich and if they didn’t they were poor and worked for the land owner which is The Landlord. The Person who Owns the land. Question Are You a Landlord today?

During this era things were slow to changes. There was no technology back then. The land owner either planted seed to grow crops or raised Animals (livestock) to sell or barter. It was very hard to double or triple your money back then because you were limited by how much land you own. Crops grow in season so you can’t gather all your crop and expect some more to grow back immediately because they grow in season. Same with your livestock. It takes time for them to mature before you can take them to the marketplace.

Then from 1750 – 1950 We were in the Industrial Age
Machines equaled Wealth. When machines came in you were able to produce and gather your crop faster. You need machines to move the product to the market place where ever that was. You no longer had to work from Sun-up to Sunset. You now could work 5 days a week 8 hrs a day. Employers offered to pay for your education if you would go to school and get a management degree so you could manage the people who run the machines instead of being a worker on the machines.
This was the era of education (go to school and get and good education so you can get a good job. Also introduced during this time was the retirement plan and the middle class. People now had extra time and money. This was the era of the MBA. Masters in Business Administration. This where your employer offers to double your money for you to run the entire operation for them while they go and enjoy life.

1950 – 1978 Distribution Age
Outlets equal Wealth. Franchising was introduced. McDonalds, Chain stores, Network Marketing, and Walmart in 1960 became the richest family in the world at that time and when Sam Walton died his wife and children became the top 5 richest people in the world. So during this era this is where you acquired wealth.

1978 – 2004 was the Information Age
Who ever controlled the flow of information Controlled the Wealth. For example Google Adsense and other Pay per Click Sites. They started pay per click when they would charge the advertiser for each time someone clicked on their link. Different links were all over the page just like you see today with Ads running in the Sidebar of a website trying to draw your attention.

2004 – 2009  Was the TECHNO-INFO-EDUTAINMENT AGE. Today with technology the playing field to accomplish Wealth has been Leveled. Today just about everybody has a smart phone with an internet connection. If you have that you don’t have to look for a job you can create one for yourself and others. You just need the knowledge to know how to do that and that is what we are going to show you from The Lada Group.

2009 – ???? Is the Partnership Age and Who knows where this is going to end

partnership is an arrangement in which two or more individuals share the profits and liabilities of a business venture. Various arrangements are possible: all partners might share liabilities and profits equally, or some partners may have limited liability.

Who are you collaborating with to build wealth. You need a Proven System which one are you using?

If you want to build Wealth Today you have to be in the right Economic System. One that will help you to create money automatically. That is how the banks get their money. They create it out of nothing. All you need to do is turn on the switch by getting started. They say it’s the start that stops most people. What’s Stopping You?


It is combining all the Economic Systems that ever existed into One Platform learn more at the (Virtual Millionaire Club).  An Internet connection that provides you with info on how to plant seeds like they did back in the Agricultural age but using up-to-date technology.

lada group make money with computer tablet smartphoneYour smart phone, tablet, laptop, and desktops are the machines like they used in the Industrial Age but now using modern technology.

Your phone is your distribution center like they used back in the distribution era but now using modern technology.

Your phone is TECHNOLOGY. The technology changes daily for the better. You just need to learn how to use it. Your computer it is just like your human brain. It has in it everything you need to succeed you just need to know how to pull the information that you need out.

Your phone is now full of information in which they used during the Information Age and still using today. If you don’t know something all you need to do is just Google It and you’ll find the answer. All this brings us to where we are today.The TECHNO-INFO-EDUTAINMENT AGE Using Technology to share information to Educate in a Entertaining Way.  Welcome to The LADA Group.

As you can see the Changes in Economics era”s comes a lot faster today than back in the Agricultural Age. As you can see the times between each Wealth Building opportunity gets shorter and shorter. And each Economic Era get better and easier. Today we’re in another Wealth Building Era called: The TECHNO-INFO-EDUTAINMENT AGE  What are you waiting for? We have the Solution. Your Money is waiting for you to come get it. We are going to show you how your money will work for you instead of you working for it. Get started by clicking here

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