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Tayari A Founding Member The LADA Group

About Tayari Media Group, Inc.

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Welcome to KKSDjazz.com a division of the Tayari Media Group.Tayari Media Group was founded in January of 2012, and incorporated in August of this year.

KKSDjazz.com is a well-thought-out collaboration of mixes between Smooth Jazz, R & B, Mainstream Jazz, and Neo Soul. The station is designed to blend not interfere with the adult lifestyle.

Whether at work, stuck in traffic on the way home, in preparation for a homework assignment or a quiet evening with a glass of wine and some mood provoking music to bring your day to an end, KKSDjazz.com  provides the perfect companion.

William Tayari Howard brings more than 10,000 on air radio hours of experience, from five San Diego stations, and over 6,000 events since 1972. Raising over $1.8 million for thirty local, regional and national charities he has also orchestrated or coordinated $600,000 in newsprint, radio and television airtime donated to non-profit organizations.

Now in his forty-second year of broadcasting; acknowledgements from two United States Presidents, over 100 awards, plaques, proclamations, citations and certificates, two different days in the city of San Diego named for his accomplishments, and a Presidential “Lifetime Achievement” Award for 100,266 community service hours to the city of San Diego, a new chapter and a new saga begins.

Welcome to the legacy of http:// kksdjazz.com.

The LADA Group Community Economic Development by Leveraging and Duplicating Recycled Dollars. Learn more https://recyclingdollars.wordpress.com/lada-hedge-fund/


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