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LADA “New Technology BLack Wall St”The SmartPhone


com·mit·ment definition: the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity


This is what needs to be done to Re-claim our community? First we have to establish a new economic system, a vertically integrated system where we buy from one another. A system that is equal and fair for everyone. This new economic system will be “The New Technology Black Wall St” using modern technology.


Socioeconomic status (SES) is an economic and sociological combined total measure of a person’s work experience and of an individual’s or family’s economicand social position in relation to others, based on income, education, and occupation.


Most people when networking uses #1 above.

We teach you how to use #2
Network economics refers to business economics that benefit from the network effect. It is also known as Netromix. This is when the value of a good or service increases when others buy the same good or service over and over from each other.

IMG_0131Unity is being together or at one with someone or something. It’s the opposite of being divided. Is your community connected like this ?
COMMUNITY broken down really means:

C = Colaboration
O = Of
M = Members
M = Money
U = Uniting
N = Neighbors (Family, Friends, Associates)
I = Investing
T = Together
Y = Yield

Yield is ROI return on Investment. Learn more how to connect here

The bottom line is this. You network so you can make some money. That’s why our concentration is on the fastest and most direct Peer to Peer way to get the money without it interfering with what you’re already doing. We are considered as a added value to what you’re already doing. Now let’s talk about Cash Flow. phone-dollars

Most peoples problem is cash flow. We don’t have enough money flowing through are hands to do anything. We have 0ver 1.1 Trillion dollars in consumer buying power but only the (BBC) Barbershops, Beauty shops and Churches are getting any of that money and they are all disconnected so that money they collect has no power and leverage to grow.

Everybody says that we need more jobs and work. Our education system has failed us. The BBC is where we get most of our education today. You have to educate yourself by reading and researching what you were taught and see if it’s true. In school they only teach you enough to go out and get a job working for some else. They don’t teach you how to make money you have to learn that on your own. Studies have shown that 2 out of 3 people are financially illiterate. It’s 8 out 10 for Black high school kids.

I know you have heard the phrase in the bible to “be fruitful and multiply”. In school they taught us that multiplication begins with the number 1 and that is wrong. 1 multiplied by any number it’s the same number. Jesus knew this and he says that 1 can chase a thousand and 2 can chase 10,000. That’s why he sent his disciples out by twos. God wants us to be a creature like him so here we go.

Let’s build an Alternative Economic System based on Two two-are-better-than-one-to-succeed

I have a PHD like most folks and that is a public high school diploma. I find that most people with a PHD are also a MIA. They are missing in action because they lack the Motivation to seek the Information to tie their Association with people together.
Dr. Claud Anderson is an authority on community economic development and he says that our money is suppose to touch 8-12 other black hands before it leaves our community. In order to do this we have to create more businesses. First let’s get an understanding by definition what a job and work is:

A Job is the work that a person does regularly in order to earn money
: a duty, task, or function that someone or something has
: something that requires very great effort

Work is a job or activity that you do regularly especially in order to earn Money
: the place where you do your job (You can make money wherever you’re at doesn’t have to be in a particular place)

Do you have a Smartphone? They call it a Smartphone because it is a lot smarter than you. The Smartphone is your work and job that you never knew you had. Your Smartphone will follow instructions if you tell it what to do. It will make money for you if you tell it what to do.

cellphone-and-moneyTHE SMARTPHONE IS THE” NEW BLACK WALL ST” without all the brick and mortar. Now, let us show you how to hook it up to go to work for you. The registration fee is a one-time out of pocket $25 and you must refer two others to join you to make multiples of $25, $50, $100, $200, $400, $800 or even a $1600 dollars DAILY from others. (Bring two and teach your two how to how to do the same). That’s how our leverage and duplication system works. For your $25 you’re going to receive Personal and Business Development Digital products that you can use and Resale from your Replicated Website with no hosting fees. The back office is a leveraging and duplication system that will keep track of the money you’ll be receiving from others.

Our “New Technology Black Wall St” is a international group of like minded people, businesses, organizations, and churches; Working together using the secrets that banks don’t want you to know…which is
“How to create income for ourselves, using leverage and duplication”, along with Modern technology and the Smartphone.

Your Smartphone contacts are your network which can determine your Net worth.

We show you how to connect your network.
Our Smartphone is money in our hand that needs to be connected.
Just like each of us pays a Smartphone carrier each month and none of that money comes back to us.

Our Leveraging and Duplication system will pay each of us just like we pay the Smartphone companies.
Being connected our Smartphone can becomes our office in the palm of our hands with no selling of anything to create income in the multiples$25, $50, $100, $200, $400, $800 or even a $1600 dollars DAILY.  You’re going to need a PayPal account which is free because that is where all your money is going to go into your own account. You can also use your Bitcoin Wallet and other options to receive your money

This is the EASIEST program and system that you will ever encounter on the Internet today that will do exactly just that for YOU! The BEST part is, ITS SO INCREDIBLY EASY to do! Let us show you how to move money starting today Are You Ready?

Click here to Connect with us here for more information on how to get started

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Learn The Hidden Secrets of Money

Hidden Secrets Of Money..Peer to Peer People to People Direct Funding (ROSCA)

A group of individuals that fill the role of an informal financial institution through repeated contributions and withdrawals to and from a common fund. Rotating Credit and Savings Associations are most common in developing economies or among immigrant groups in the developed world.

Watch video on Peer to Peer Money Click Here

crowdrising peer to peer direct funding


LADA 4 Corners Compensation Webinar

financial literacy 2

4 CORNERS join-now-banner

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Four Corners 90 second presentation

Do not try to remember this word for word. read this so you know what to say, then give your 90 sec presentation in your own word.

“Hello” or “Pardon me” my name is …..…………with “The Connection” group.


I just started a new business that you might like

What is it?

Do you have a Smart Phone?

I show people, what banks don’t want them to know.

Which Is !

How to leverage your money like the banks do – Except to benefit you and not the Banks

I work with a group of like minded people, businesses, organizations and churches
Using a system to generate income for each other, Utilizing leverage and duplication

Most people work for money RIGHT! Most people…if they need some extra money they usually get a second job right?

Well! This is the new way to take a one-time small investment and have money working for you and not you working for money

You can take a One Time investment of $18.00 and leverage it into $34,000 in as little as 30 days. (Find Their Why) Could you use $34,000? What would you do with it?

Now you want to know… How Is This Done?

You can start and run this web based business from your Smart Phone. How cool is that? Your office at your fingertips.

Keep your current employment and or business as long as you like. This will not interfere with whatever you are involved in now.

This works using “one” of our most powerful viral tools “Referral Marketing”.

By way of Social Media, Word of Mouth and whatever works for You!

Using the contacts in your cell phone first You only need to introduce four people to this new way to put their money to work for them. They make the same one-time investment of $18.00 and introduce it to four people in their own contact list who will in turn do the same thing.

Do you know four people who could use some more money? GOOD

Leveraging is the only way for you to multiple your money… Like the banks

It’s when you team up with other people with the same purpose that multiplication takes place.

Leveraging, is the most effective way to quickly multiply your money, teaming up with like minded people

United with the same purpose of gaining real wealth; only then, Can multiplication takes place

This is how we earn our money and this is done without any selling of products

Your one time $18.00 investment can have you receiving money weekly. You can leverage

$18.00 into $34,000 in as little as 30 days

$18.00 into $100,000 in just 90 days

$18.00 into $599,824.00 in 180 days or More.

This is a Simple business Model… Yet, A Powerful income leveraging System.

This system can change your financial future – With a one-time $18.00 dollars investment.

You only need 5 minutes – that’s all it takes to setup your account
Remember your office is in the palm of your hand … Your Smart Phone !

Join Us and Let Me Show You How this works!

The Close

Well, What did you like the most?

And That’s It

What is Leverage Income?

Before introducing you to our business model, it’s very important to first understand the power of Leverage Income….And how it can benefit you financially.

Leverage income can be defined as; income derived from the efforts of many people All working together as a team.

As your organization grows, your leveraged income grows as well.

However in order to apply the principles of Leverage income,

You need a proven financial vehicle.

I would like to introduce you to 4-Corners Alliance

A Simple business Model Yet A Powerful income leveraging System.

This system can change your financial future – With a one-time $18.00 dollars investment.

Do not let any failed program’s – if any… you might have tried in the past cloud your vision. From seeing the simplicity of this lucrative Opportunity. Keep an open mind.

I can put your money to work for you; You can ask me how! But you know what’s better?
Let Me Show You.

We practice vertical integration group economics were we buy from one another

Leveraging, is the most effective way to quickly multiply your money, teaming up with like minded people united with the same purpose of gaining real wealth; only then, multiplication takes place. This is another secret to our generating massive wealth in record time without buying or selling products or services…

Join now and let us show you, how to instantly get your share of wealth with your name already on it, just reach out and touch, what; others only dream of…

Start now and join thousands of others who are living the way life’s meant to be lived….

4 CORNERS join-now-banner

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Who Is “The Connection” Group

Purpose of “The Connection” Group

Definition of “Connection”

: something that joins or connects two or more things

: the act of connecting two or more things or the state of being connected

: a situation in which two or more things have the same cause, origin, goal, etc.

God said to, “Be fruitful and multiply. We must understand that multiplication start at two so you have to be connected in order to multiply. People helping People to Connect

people helping people

Helping others should be a natural extension of every business leader’s responsibilities. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come as easy as you would think. As leaders, we often get too caught up in operations or our own problems to give people the help they need. However, in the last year, we’ve realized that most of our best clients, partners and relationships have come from us helping someone. Here are 10 thoughts that can remind you to help others.

  1. Sharing knowledge

One of the easiest ways to help others is to simply share your knowledge. You don’t have to be in front of a classroom to teach. Every day there is an opportunity to educate someone about your area of expertise. The key is to keep educating yourself so you can stay ahead of the curve.

  1. Finding out what’s valuable to them

The number one rule of helping people should be to find out what’s actually valuable to someone. You may spend time and effort helping someone with something that they didn’t even want help with. Make an effort to ask them where they need help, and keep that in mind when you see an opportunity.

  1. Sharing your resources

Think about the resources you’ve invested in and be mindful of whether they can help someone else. Maybe a developer on your team has some extra time and one of your contacts needed some help on a quick job. Or, maybe you have Charger’s season tickets and there’s a game that you won’t be able to attend. Keep those under- or unused resources in the back of your mind and try to connect them to people who can use them.

  1. Making them aware of an opportunity

It’s important to keep an eye out for opportunities. It could be good press, a potential partner, or a general business opportunity like 4 Corners. Once you see an opportunity, think about who could benefit from knowing about it. One of the ways I like to help my employees is to help their friends, relatives or significant others if they’re looking for a job. A lot of times I can use my business connections to find a potential good fit.

Giving them transparent feedback

Transparent feedback can be tough because some people don’t take constructive criticism well.  There is a difference between telling someone that they suck and giving them good examples of how they can improve.  Some people won’t take it well but, in the long run, you will help the people that you want to work with and improve the efficiency and success of your company as well.

  1. Being a brand advocate

I was at a conference the other day and a American Airlines employee was going on and on about how she loved her Modify watch. She truly wanted to help the company because she loved the product and wanted to see them succeed. Think about the products and services that you love, and don’t be shy about letting people know about them.

  1. Giving introductions

There’s a lot of big talk out there. Someone knows somebody who is a great contact or client, but they never actually make the introduction. Rather than making and breaking promises, make an effort to actually send out several intros each week. However, don’t let your credibility take a hit: make sure the people you’re advocating are legit.

  1. Volunteering your time

Time is valuable and most people understand that.  When you take time out of your day to help a friend, they remember it. I try and do a guest webinar every couple of weeks for contacts so they know I’m willing to take time out of my day to share my experience with the community. Even if it’s not something as public as a webinar or podcast, set aside some time to help a contact. It could be as simple as helping them move to a new home.

  1. Recognizing them

There are a variety of ways to give someone recognition. You can include them in an article that you’ve written or mention them in a speech or presentation. An easy way to recognize someone is to nominate them for an award. There are countless awards out there that could really help out your network. It will mean a lot to the nominee that you thought of them and wanted to recognize them. On a smaller scale, you can have internal recognition within your company. We have an award called “the belt” that looks like a WWF belt. Each week the current winner chooses the next winner. It’s an easy way to make an employee feel good about the solid work they’ve done for your company.

  1. Giving gifts

Gifts can be tricky because you don’t want to “buy” peoples’ favor. You want to get them a gift that makes sense and will help them.  When a disaster hits, send care packages with items that survivors could use as they recovered from the devastation. People tend to remember who helped them when they were in need, so it’s important to make an extra effort during these times.

Helping others isn’t always easy. It can sometimes derail your schedule and cost you time, money and other resources. It can even be interpreted the wrong way. However, keep these tips in mind for some easy ways to show your connections that they truly matter to you.

Financial Literacy is something that we all need because we were not taught about how money can work for you in school. We are taught to go work for money. The “Connection” offers a Financial Literacy Home Study Course that everybody needs to brush up on their financial knowledge. Get connected with us and get paid to share our opportunity


A Four Corners Alliance Webinar

Four Corners Alliance Group Live Webinar!  My message to EVERYONE is to NOT mess it up. I hope EVERYONE will take this opportunity seriously and actually HELP your new people make money for REAL this time. Four Corners is Exploding and is going to be around for a long time. I’m putting my experience where my mouth is. I am a35 year veteran in Network Marketing and am actively working Four Corners because of it’s power for long-term income for everyone, doing 3 live conference calls every week; including Saturday training calls, I have proven systems to make more money faster in Four Corners. I actually hold your hand and help YOU make money now. This is what I hope all representatives will do…work WITH your new members and help THEM make money. I wish you ALL success in Four Corners Alliance Group.

Click here to get started today

BITCONS Seedtime and Harvest



An introduction to God’s 7 Element Biblical Principles

Seedtime and Harvest

Pay a Tithe

A Good man leave an inheritance for his children’s children

Give So that it will come back to you

Learn how to put money to work for you

Protecting the Inheritance

Entrusting the Inheritance to your Children’s Children


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