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Prosperity Mindset for LADA

LADA Prosperity Mindset

How good are you at receiving prosperity?

Do you wish for a life of abundance and prosperity but find yourself lacking when it comes to your money, time, health, comfort, or relationships?

If you don’t believe you’re destined for a prosperous and fulfilling life, then I want to offer you some encouragement in this area.

You absolutely deserve and are destined for abundance!

Additionally, the good news is that the secret of happiness is completely in your hands. You’re not at the mercy of your environment.

You just need to understand what receiving prosperity is all about.

Receiving Prosperity
Your Life Paradigm

The first thing I’d like you to pay special attention to is the paradigm you view the world through.

Prosperity really starts in your mind. Your thinking is everything.

Reflect on your normal thinking process in terms of abundance and lack.

Do you naturally feel as if there’s a vast amount of abundance available to all or do you live within the confines of feeling as if there’s a shortage of time, money, comfort, etc?

There’s a direct correlation between the life you’re leading and the thoughts you have in this area.

Until you can truly understand that this world is overflowing with everything you currently seek, you’ll continue to feel frustration at the lack you experience.

Think of it this way:

When you see people enjoying their lives, do you really think they deserve it any more than you do? Do you really? I hope not, because it’s not true.

The real difference between a person experiencing prosperity in life and you is? Simply that they’ve opened themselves up to receiving abundance and you haven’t… yet.

Their life paradigm says, “Abundance is all around me. Prosperity comes to me in both expected and unexpected ways.”

If you can set aside your paradigm that the world is full of “lack” and begin to see through this paradigm of abundance, prosperity isn’t far behind.

Receiving Prosperity
Becoming Thankful

After you’ve checked your thinking, what else can you do to begin receiving prosperity?

First of all, center in on being grateful.

Nothing repels abundance and prosperity faster than bitterness on your present condition. Sure, you may not be living your dream yet, but there are certainly aspects to your life that you feel grateful for right in this very moment.

Become aware of all you feel gratitude for.

This was a lesson regarding prosperity that took me a long time to understand. For many years, my focus was always on what was wrong. I always thought about that which I wanted to fix or make better.

I never allowed myself the healing process of being thankful for what I currently loved about my life. I didn’t think there was much to be grateful for until I stopped one day and really thought about it.

When I learned to find contentment in gratitude, my life began to change. I began to manifest prosperity. I began to see how effortless it really is to attract abundance.

You can do the same!

Receiving Prosperity
Accepting Prosperity and Abundance

The next step is to accept prosperity into your life.

Part of receiving prosperity is allowing yourself to deserve it. If you’re struggling to achieve that which you want, then somewhere along the way you’re simply rejecting good fortune.

Understand that if you’re stingy about life, prosperity will be stingy right back. This is true in terms of money, relationships, or whatever.

Don’t walk through life feeling stingy about what you deserve. Open yourself up and be willing to accept prosperity. Accept that which makes you feel fulfilled and purposeful.

Receiving Prosperity
Learn to Give

At the same time, never forget that one of the basic laws of prosperity and abundance is that you’ll receive back ten-fold that which you give.

Be willing to give your time, money, and resources to others in need.

Again, life is abundant if you see it that way. There’s always plenty unless you allow yourself to believe otherwise.

You’ll never be left wanting just because you give of yourself. The amazing part of the whole process is that when you give because you truly want to help others, the same kind of help comes back to you.

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