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The LADA Group Lottery vs Traditional Lotteries

How are system works.

Business Toolbox BTB) is an easy, cost-effective, stable starting point for anyone that is either money-challenged and/or money-motivated to kick start their finances so that they can leverage themselves to higher entry financial vehicles.

BusinessToolbox is program neutral which means that we are here to support all legitimate business. It is our core mission to offer a platform that can provide anyone the means by which they can get started in business when no other option is available.

This is where you start and what it will pay you if you follow our system of bringing two and teaching two how to bring two and teach two. It’s all about leverage and duplication

You Start Off by Investing $25. Refer 2 people and teach them how to refer  2 people in this system  That is true Duplication. Learn to  Be Fruitful and Multiple so that you’ll be able to give to others

Solid Debt-Free Parent Company.

Over two decades of experience with helping hundreds of thousands of people.

Residual Income.

This is where the BIG MONEY is located. BTB has that too!

Did you catch that last bullet point? Residual income. That’s the key. No more do you have to work and work and work and each month start all over again. How do you think that company’s like Time Warner, Verizon, AT&T and all the other company’s that make a fortune do it? They bill you every month. Residual income. You build it once and keep adding to it.

Huge Income Possibilities.

Isn’t it time that you got paid on a residual basis too?

We realized this years ago and have set the Business Toolbox system up for you to capitalize on it. We have made it available for the masses. Imagine building an income where you can walk away for a month or more and still have the income coming in! Wow!


Playing the Lottery vs Investing in LADA

 Millionaires commit themselves to producing wealth.

Average individuals purchase lottery tickets.

 What are the odds of ever winning a lottery?  How about the odds of winning anything whatsoever when you play the lottery?

Obviously, one does not generally play a lottery because the odds are in their favor.  In fact, the odds are stacked strongly against you.  And yet, someone invariably wins.  As the saying goes, nobody ever won the lottery without buying a ticket.  That someone could just as easily be you, and it would be best not to even consider the astronomical odds involved.

However, for the hopelessly curious, the following information is presented.  You will find the odds involved in most lotteries, methods of better covering sets of numbers, and how to methodically lower the odds against you.
Lottery versus LADA

For More Information and to Join go to:  http://recyclingyourdollarsonline.info

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