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The term portfolio refers to any collection of financial assets such as stocks, bonds and cash. Portfolios may be held by individual investors and/or managed by financial professionals, hedge funds, banks and other financial institutions.

It is a generally accepted principle that a portfolio is designed according to the investor’s risk tolerance, time frame and investment objectives. The dollar amount of each asset may influence the risk/reward ratio of the portfolio and is referred to as the asset allocation of the portfolio

First of all, did you know that today 91 % of all financial transactions are already electronic? The computer revolution is gradually replacing the need for any cash or currency at all. The reasons are simple: E-Money is more convenient, faster, and cheaper than paper currencies — but what should we as Christians make of this?

What Assets do you currently have in your Portfolio that pays you electronically?


With inflation on the way up, the cost of living always going up and the general economy going down, a lot of people are looking to get involved

With continued quantitative easing, i.e., printing paper money, world fiat currencies continue to lose their purchasing power.

The world over, here’s what’s going on:
People are losing their homes through foreclosures
People are losing their jobs through downsizing
People are filing for bankruptcy
Business are shutting down
People are losing their hard-earned savings and investments on the world stock markets

Gold and silver have been used as money for thousands of years.

The majority of global economies use debt-based currencies, so a true hedge against inflation becomes necessary. This is because, all debt-based currencies lose their value with each year.

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