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Do You Need Some Right Now Money

Do You Need To Earn-Money-Right-Now-

What are you doing or what would you do to make some Right Now Money?

Do you have anything to offer others where they can make some Right Now Money?

If you don’t have your own system of making money then you are a part of somebody else system making them money. Case in Point….If you have a Smartphone that you pay for each month you are a part of their system. Wouldn’t you like to have a lot of people who would pay you daily, weekly and monthly? That would be an asset for a better life.

What’s the difference between Assets and Liabilities?

Assets Pay You and Liabilities causes YOU to PAY. If you need more Assets in your life you need to take at look at the LADA Group. LADA is a private group and you must be invited to be a part of the group. We offer Business Centers with 7 different Pay Levels that pay you.

You PAY $25 One Time out of pocket for our System. Our Systems are all automated. You will get a Free Website with a back office to track your money. Our digital products cover Financial Mystery and Personal Development.

Now let me ask you a couple question?

If I can show you a way to take $25 and make $100 would you be interested?

Would you take $25 out of the $100 you just made and do it again?

Do you know at least Two other people who would want to do the same thing?

If you answered Yes to the above questions you qualify to be a Member of the LADA Group. LADA stands for Leveraging and Duplicating Associates. Here’s how we work. We let our Money work for us.

You must pay yourself first by taking $25 out of your pocket and invest into yourself to purchase our $25 Business Center which is going to pay you $100 over and over. We have 6 other business centers that will pay you out of your profits (OPM) in our automated system.

$25 Business Center pays you $100

$50 Business Center pays you $200

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$800 Business Center pays you $3200

$1600 Business Center pays you $6400

All Business Center will be running at the same time paying you over and over on full automation.

Remember you will only pay $25 one time out of pocket to get started. The rest of the money that you’ll need to get these returns will come from other people. (OPM) Our money working together leveraging and duplicating paying us returns much better than what the banks and stock market would pay you.

There is no power in disconnection. We all need to be connected to our own private system like the banks do which is an Asset that Pays You. Remember the Banks are a private system too owned by the Federal Reserve Bank which is a group of private bankers that get paid every time you put your money in the bank because the money is working for them and not you. This is a Liability you can change using the LADA Group System. How much money is the bank paying You for what you deposit in your Checking and Savings Account?

We use Multiplex System Inc. They have been in business since 1998 with over 600,000 satisfied members. Multiplex has a A+ BBB rating and is debt free…. using digital products.

What are you waiting for? Don’t be poor anymore (Passing Over Opportunities (Regularly.) Here is your Stimulus Bailout Opportunity. We have to connect and pay each other instead of the bankers. Our Money needs to touch 8-12 hands before leaving our system.

Learn more: www.theladagroup.com Contact: Bryce Jackson 619-638-4007 or Larry Smith 619-309-3184


How Symbols Are Used To Control Black People Dr. Umar Johnson

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The LADA Group About Us


header[1]USING TECHNO-INFO-EDUTAINMENT That’s using technology to share information to educate in an entertaining way
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Employment VS Entrepreneur: Choosing the Right Path


Invest  $25 One Time Out of Pocket and Make $100 Over and Over again using our Viral Money Making Machines



Everyone Starts Here To Join The Lada Group

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Development PDF Is Located Here

A “Cooperative Alternative Economic System”

a set of connected things or parts forming a complex whole, in particular a set of  principles or procedures according to which something is done; an organized scheme or method.

What is Community Economic Development?

First lets define what the words mean.

com·mu·ni·ty : a group of people who live in the same area (such as a city, town, or neighborhood) : a group of people who have the same interests, religion, race, cellphone contact list,  etc. : a group of nations

eco·nom·ics : a science concerned with the process or system by which goods and services are produced, sold, and bought : the part of something that relates to money

de·vel·op·ment : the act or process of growing or causing something to grow or become larger or more advanced : the act or process of creating something over a period of time : the state of being created or made more advanced

A Community cannot Make Money. The U.S Mint Makes Money. However, You can generate money through a “Cooperative  Alternative Economic  Systems”.

When you Generate Money it becomes Generational for your community,  you and your family. gen·er·ate : to produce (something) or cause (something) to be produced : to be the cause of or reason for (something, such as interest or excitement)

Generational Wealth is an aspect of financial planning that is geared toward passing down stable, significant financial resources to future generations. Watch this video   “The History and Mastery of Wealth Creation) must be viewed with a laptop or desktop does not work on smartphones

We Are “Leveraging and Duplicating Associates” (LADA)

What would you rather have a Penny that doubles every day for 31 days or One Million Cash?

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The LADA Group Consists of 7 Viral

Money Making Machines Know as Business Profit Centers. Ranging from $25 to $1600. “The Business Toolbox” will show you How to Quadruple Your Money into Weekly Payouts Plus a Monthly Residual 


Click Image above for The truth about the Federal Reserve and banks

The LADA Group strives to give every person regardless of race, creed, age, country or social-economic background the opportunity to reach their goals and to become their dream.

lada group cash flow quadrant 2 linear vs residualWe All Need To Have Our Business and Since 1974 We All Became Investors When They Put In The 401K. Where Do You Fit In On The Cash Flow Chart?

Our LADA Group Business Structure



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Do You Need Some Money?

Do You Know Anybody Who Need’s Some Money?

Do you work for money or Does your Money Work For You?

Do You have money sitting in a bank account? What’s it doing for you?

You need a Cooperative Alternative Economic system like the one we’re providing for you at The LADA Group. Get Started by clicking on the image below.

THE LADA GROUP WILL SHOW YOU HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE LIKE THE BANKS DO USING (OPM) other peoples money. We will show you By using an Cooperative Alternative Economic System how to recycle dollars online together in a Central Intermediary Leveraging and Duplicating Money Together For Profit.

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A Faith-based community economic development may be defined as the involvement of faith-based institutions in projects designed to revitalize their communities, establish sustainable economic development initiatives, attract investments, build wealth, and encourage entrepreneurship

Proverbs 11:24-25

One gives freely, yet grows all the richer; another withholds what he should give, and only suffers want. Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered.

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The LADA Group Lottery vs Traditional Lotteries

How are system works.

Business Toolbox BTB) is an easy, cost-effective, stable starting point for anyone that is either money-challenged and/or money-motivated to kick start their finances so that they can leverage themselves to higher entry financial vehicles.

BusinessToolbox is program neutral which means that we are here to support all legitimate business. It is our core mission to offer a platform that can provide anyone the means by which they can get started in business when no other option is available.

This is where you start and what it will pay you if you follow our system of bringing two and teaching two how to bring two and teach two. It’s all about leverage and duplication

You Start Off by Investing $25. Refer 2 people and teach them how to refer  2 people in this system  That is true Duplication. Learn to  Be Fruitful and Multiple so that you’ll be able to give to others

Solid Debt-Free Parent Company.

Over two decades of experience with helping hundreds of thousands of people.

Residual Income.

This is where the BIG MONEY is located. BTB has that too!

Did you catch that last bullet point? Residual income. That’s the key. No more do you have to work and work and work and each month start all over again. How do you think that company’s like Time Warner, Verizon, AT&T and all the other company’s that make a fortune do it? They bill you every month. Residual income. You build it once and keep adding to it.

Huge Income Possibilities.

Isn’t it time that you got paid on a residual basis too?

We realized this years ago and have set the Business Toolbox system up for you to capitalize on it. We have made it available for the masses. Imagine building an income where you can walk away for a month or more and still have the income coming in! Wow!

The LADA Group Retirement Plan

13 Weeks to Prosperity

America has a retirement crisis, but it’s not what some people want you to believe it is. It’s not the defined benefit pension plans that public employees pay into over a lifetime of work, which provide retirees an average of $23,400 annually (although some public officials fail to make their required contributions to these and then claim they are unaffordable). It’s not the cost of such plans, which may ultimately cost taxpayers far less than risky, inadequate and increasingly prevalent 401(k) plans. It’s not Social Security, which is the healthiest part of our retirement system, keeps tens of millions of seniors out of poverty and could help even more if it were expanded. The crisis is that most Americans lack the essential elements of a secure retirement–pensions and adequate savings. They’ll depend on Social Security to stave off poverty once they stop working, and it will not be enough.

The crisis is that the economic collapse that started in 2007, triggered by fraudulent and risky financial schemes, wiped out many Americans’ personal savings and decimated many state and city pension investments. And while the stock market and many pension investments have rebounded, for numerous Americans the lingering economic downturn, soaring student debt, diminished home values, the responsibility of caring for aging parents and other financial demands have made it hard, if not impossible, to save for retirement.

The crisis is that the median retirement savings for all working-age households–according to the Federal Reserve–is $3,000, and only $12,000 for those near retirement. And that retirement insecurity is made worse by state-sponsored pension theft in places like Illinois, where public employees are being robbed of pension funds they earned and contributed to over decades of public service.

Just to meet their basic needs, pressures that only grow once their working years are over.
The people who press for “others” to convert defined benefit pensions to 401(k) plans never talk about the benefits retirees are likely to get under these new plans–because it’s likely to be a lot less than retirees need to get by. Defined benefit plans not only help keep retirees out of poverty, every $1 in pension benefits generates $2.37 in economic activity in communities. And they’re a good deal for taxpayers, because employee contributions and investment earnings account for more than two-thirds of pension revenues.

America must confront our retirement insecurity crisis
. This requires going well beyond maintaining the modest, hard-won retirement benefits that too few workers currently have. The AFT is engaged in a broad-based effort with a bipartisan group of state treasurers, other unions, asset managers and even some large Wall Street firms to vastly expand retirement security through pooled, professional asset management. Together, we are exploring this and other innovative ways to help workers prepare for retirement so that we can reclaim the promise of retirement security.

America’s retirement crisis is as consequential as our healthcare crisis. We mustered the will to do the hard work of extending access to healthcare to all Americans. We must also meet a just and civilized standard for retirement, so that retirement is a time of security, not poverty.

The LADA Group 100% payout! The Retirement Business Centers pay 100%. Imagine getting paid 100% commissions over-and-over again from a one-time payment.

Solid Debt-Free Parent Company.
Over two decades of experience with helping hundreds of thousands of people.
Residual Income.

This is where the BIG MONEY is located. BTB has that too!
Did you catch that last bullet point? Residual income. That’s the key. No more do you have to work and work and work and each month start all over again. How do you think that company’s like Time Warner, Verizon, AT&T and all the other company’s that make a fortune do it? They bill you every month. Residual income. You build it once and keep adding to it.

Huge Income Possibilities.

Isn’t it time that you got paid on a residual basis too?

We realized this years ago and have set the BusinessToolbox system up for you to capitalize on it. We have made it available for the masses. Imagine building an income where you can walk away for a month or more and still have the income coming in! Wow! Our Retirement Plan is $39 A Month Bring 3 Teach 3 How To Bring 3 Teach 3

The Power of 3
13 Weeks to Prosperity
Let’s say that everyone only gets 3 people their first week and duplicates…

Let’s skip to week 11…


LADA Group Shares Know Your Worth: If We Don’t Know, We Can’t Grow Our Community


The LADA Group shares As I meet and speak with community members from all over the country, I am guaranteed to hear them express concern about the death of sustainable black owned businesses.
Currently, black owned businesses are vastly underrepresented, accounting for less than 7% of all small owned businesses, even though we account for 13% of the population. African Americans certainly have an entrepreneurial spirit as we are more likely to start a business relative to other racial groups. But, limited access to resources (e.g., capital, clientele, etc.), increase our businesses’ likelihood to close its doors. Research suggests that communities’ generational economic empowerment is linked to entrepreneurial success.
Therefore, if we are serious about improving our communities, improving our schools, providing jobs (black businesses are the 2nd highest employer of African Americans after the government), we must advance and strengthen black owned businesses.Over the weekend, The Nielsen Company released “The State of the African American Consumer”, a groundbreaking report projecting African Americans buying power at 1.1 Trillion dollars annually by 2015. To illustrate how massive this figure is, if African Americans’ purchasing power equated to a country’s GDP, we would be the 16th largest country in the world! What does this mean? Black consumers have more economic power than we may realize.
It is important to note that the 1.1 Trillion figure may not necessarily be all cash on hand, as we may be using credit cards and loans to make certain purchases. Also, spending power increases and/or decreases with one’s income. However, as a collective, there is enormous potential for black consumers to leverage our economic power by way of supporting black owned businesses to foster community economic development.The NAACP and other organizations are constantly advocating for policies to create more opportunities for black owned businesses (e.g., increasing access to capital) to succeed. But, while these organizations are affecting change at an institutional level, I want to highlight how we, as individuals, can foster an environment where more black businesses can thrive.
First, we must stop the massive “leakage” of our money out of our communities. Currently, a dollar circulates in Asian communities for a month, in Jewish communities approximately 20 days and white communities 17 days. How long does a dollar circulate in the black community? 6 hours!!! African American buying power is at 1.1 Trillion; and yet only 2 cents of every dollar an African American spends in this country goes to black owned businesses.Maggie Anderson, Co-Founder of the Empowerment Project, decided to address this dilemma by committing to “buying black” along with her husband (and two children) for an entire year. In her book titled, “Our Black Year”, Anderson recounts her experiences patronizing black owned businesses while highlighting the challenges many black businesses face (black businesses lag behind all other businesses in every measure of success). Interestingly, throughout her journey, Anderson fielded accusations of racism for her “buying black’ project. But, what must be understood, and Anderson reiterates repeatedly in her book, is Black economic empowerment is healthy for everyone.
Considering the crux of impoverished communities’ problems are often economics, reinvesting in black businesses is one of the best ways to address socioeconomic disparities.You may be thinking “what if there are no black owned businesses near me? What if the prices are too high? And/or what if their services aren’t on par?” These are all challenges Anderson encounters on her yearlong journey. But what she realized, and many of us must realize, is that this effort requires sacrifice and persistence – just like generations before us sacrificed and persisted to provide us with opportunities (which many of them did not live to see). If we want to remedy problems in our community, many of which are systemic and multi-generational, then we must remain steadfast.
Furthermore, with the internet we now have more options, such as the website for the Empowerment Experiment, to overcome some of these barriers.It may be unrealistic to expect the African American consumer to exclusively patronize black owned businesses for various reasons including budgetary constraints, accessibility, or product availability. But in those instances where you do have options (e.g., restaurants, clothing, printing services, natural hair products, etc.), I challenge you to answer our call to action to try to be a conscious consumer. Over the next week, the NAACP Economic Department’s social media campaign, #knowyourworth, will highlight statistics and resources to support your consumption efforts. We must lead the way in investing in our own businesses, and we can by starting with our own 1.1 Trillion dollars. Because if we don’t support black owned businesses, it becomes that much harder to demand anyone else to.
So start with the contacts in your cellphone. That is your community and connect that community together and that will help build the Black Community as a hold if we just use cooperative economics that The LADA Group www.ladaproject1024.com has put together

The Roots Of The Problem In The Black American Community

Click on Image to See How You Can Fill Your Pockets

The Lack of capital formation in Black America, In the form of:
1. Accumulated Saving
2. Land and Financial Asset Ownership
3. Business Development

The focus of Civil Rights Movement Put Emphasis On:
1. Justice, Jobs and Wages
2. Government Spending
3. Commercial Bank Debt
Ignored the role that Capital formation and Equity Finance could and should have been playing.

Slavery Stripped Black Americans of informal saving traditions that you can find in virtually every other ethnic immigrant group in this country:
1. ‘Partner’ Jamaican culture
2. ‘Gye’ Koreans
3. ‘Committee’ Indians
4. ‘Hui’ Chinese

The Civil Rights Movement did not attend to the matter of Cultural finance

The civil rights movement did not recognize That capital was forming in commercial banking Institutions where it was often locked away from blacks by discriminatory policies.

The movement took this issue on via An assault on redlining But in focusing on debt rather than equity.
It missed a fundamental fact of capitalism – banks say no to ideas and yes to collateral.

Banks are risk- adverse And don’t make loans on the bases of talent but rather on what that talent owns.

With the least amount of capital and collateral, even with the lever of
anti-discrimination laws, The pursuit of debt finance by black American has always produced unsustainable progress.

The Lack of money Effect on The Community
Parenting, Crime, Economics

With the black unemployment rate at the same related level of the 1950s – double that of Whites, Even the effectiveness of a wage and jobs approach to equality must come into question

We must take responsibility for ourselves as a people!

The American black family today: 72% of all black babies are born out of wedlock.
Think about that: it’s a anomaly for black children to to be born to parents who are married.
This is where the overwhelming crime and economics malaise begins, among the 13% of the US population that is Black.

Worst still, there is a direct correlation between kids born out of wedlock and higher rates of crime.

According to a 2010 study in the Journal of Law and Economics, Kids grow into adults who turned to crime precisely because of a lack of educational opportunities, parenting, And Lack of Capital. This is exactly the the pathology being born out in the black race.
Over 50% of homicide victims are black according to a 2014 study conducted by the violence policy center. Which characterize the rate as Epidemic.

According to Justice Department data from 1980 – 2008 Blacks were six times more likely than whites to be homicide victims and seven times more likely than whites to commit homicide. More than half of all federal prisoners are black.

Community Economic Development
It’s not every everyone else’s problem to ensure that black kids go to school stay out of trouble, finish high school and to stop the destruction of the black American family.

We all have a job to do for ourselves, family and community and we can do it together with Power Economics, Leverage and Duplication To create wealth.

We must be the agents of our own faith.
The LADA Group Hedge Fund: https://recyclingdollars.wordpress.com/lada-hedge-fund/

Call: Bryce (619)638-4007/ Larry (619)309-3184

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