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Lada Group Sixplusone7 Membership Benefits

Welcome To 6+1

The LADA Group Sixplusone7 Life Time Membership Benefits For a One Time Out of Pocket $25 You’ll Receive:

A Free Listing of Your Business, Organization and Church

List your Events on Our Site for FREE

Position In Our 2×2 Business Center w/ Right Now Money and Monthly Residual Income

Online Educational Suite (MBA w/out an MBA) ($5,000 value)

Personal Development Training

Financial Mastery (Financial Literacy)

Technical Implementation (Computer Literacy)

Promotional Efficiency (How to Grow Your Business)

Three Lead Scrapers (How to Find New Customers)

Video Library on All the Above Topics

Audio Library on All the Above Topics

Print Library on All the Above Topics

Phone Broadcaster (Computer Makes Calls for You)

Mobile Site Builder (Learn How to Build Mobile Sites)

Mobile Marketing Suite (How to Market to Smart phone Users)

BTB Email Suite (Learn Video Emailing)

Push Button Toolbox Face Book Lead Generator

And more….What are You Waiting For? Just $25 for Lifetime Membership

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