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Entrepreneur vs. Employee The Choice is Yours…LADA

Are you considering being an entrepreneur? Are you considering starting a career? If so, it is good to know the pros and cons of each. The table below will help you learn the difference in roles and mindset between an entrepreneur and an employee.

Entrepreneurs                                                                   Employees
Value wealth over job security                           Value job security over wealth
Can go months or years without payment              Receive consistent paycheck
Long hours, especially during start-up                       Regular, consistent hours
Potential for very large payoff                           Constant but relatively low payment
Build their own assets                                 Work to build someone else’s asset
Have a higer tolerance for risk                                           Do not like risk
Own the company.                       Can only be fired by Board of Directors.                                                                                                         Could be fired at any time
Sit behind the desk when interviewing  Sit in front of the desk when interviewing
Are willing to take calculated and educated risks          Adverse to risk
Build systems for benefit of themselves   Build systems for benefit of employers
Pay taxes only on NET income                              Pay taxes on total income
Build assets and then use them to purchase other assets

Do not build assets.
Build passive and portfolio income, taxed lowest

Build active income, taxed the highest
Invests from the inside                                             Invests from the outside
Can start other similar companies    Restricted by non-disclosure and non-compete agreements
Adapt quickly to change    Often resist change

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