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Urban Broadcast News Network Joins Lada Group

Urban Broadcast News Network (UBNNSD-TV) will be on “Sixplusone7” Website www.sixplusone7.com Under the Heading News.

26f2130[1]Willie Williams Director of Broadcast Operations Greater San Diego Area Broadcast Media

I‘ve worked in the Broadcast industry for at least 22 years, which includes three years experience in broadcast news as a production technician, Videographer, Editor and Producer. I have also written & produced several public service announcements, commercial spots, and a micro-radio drama.

As a freelancer, I have worked for clients such as, All Mobile Video, ESPN2, NBC Sports, Crain Communications, and Cox CH 4 San Diego, Cox CH 3,in Orange County. The events covered were the first two X-Games competition and the most recent two Super Bowls held in San Diego.

My film credits are as followed: Atomic Film Productions, – Passing Through, Superhero Form 3254-A, Mr. Murte, Death is Coming, The Whisper, Three Girls Name Bunny, Devil’s Breath, The Crossing and my personal project Night Visitors, which I wrote, and directed.

My most recent accomplishments: In 2009 Devil’s Breath was nominated at the Pacific Southwest Emmy Awards, In addition to that, I am the Director of Broadcast Operations at UBNNSD-TV, The Urban Broadcast News Network San Diego, in association the Urban League of San Diego County. I have had the opportunity to cover daring rescues missions by the Desert Angels, a volunteer search and rescue team assigned to locating lost migrant worker lose in the San Diego/ Mexico border mountain region. The documentary is schedule to be completed by late 2012.

My Goal is to build (UBNNSD-TV),The Urban Broadcast News Network San Diego, into an urban community broadcasting enterprise that will promote the uniqueness of the under serve community of San Diego County .

Specialties: Storytelling, Producing award winning documentaries Writing, Shooting, Editing and Directing.

The Urban Broadcast News Network is a subsidiary of the Urban League of San Diego County. UBNNSD-TV, represents the views of San Diego’s underserved and overlooked urban community by the mainstream media, as it relates to the positive lifestyle of those living and working in the inner city. Our slogan is, “Urban News with today’s Views”.  As a positive news source, our goal at UBNNSD-TV is to highlight news worthy stories within the urban community that are under reported or not reported at all by the local media.

In addition UBNNSD-TV just joined “The Lada Group“, UBNNSD-TV purpose is to prepare future broadcaster and television personalities such as anchors, reporters, writers, producers, and production personnel for broadcasting assignments over the airways, and develop a strong cyber infrastructure processing this data over the internet.

The Urban Broadcast News Network will hold an eight week television boot camp for youth between the ages of 16-18. Participants will be trained in the art of television news broadcasting and interviews. Students must be highly motivated, hard working and have a willingness to learn. After about seven weeks into the program students will create, produce, write, shoot, and direct a 10 min. program. The topic will center on community leadership.  Learn more by clicking here


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